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  1. bestintheworld

    Jordan XVII Low Lightning - Spring 2024

    Pass, but cool for those who really wanted these. I know there is at least SOME type of following for this pair, specifically. I just want the college blues. That pair is dope and would be the only one I’m willing to shell out that ridiculous retail price I’m sure they would be.
  2. bestintheworld

    Jordan 2 Italy/Gucci - November 18, 2023

    Not bad, but not necessary. Pass. Green kinda ruins it otherwise it would just be OG 2s with the slight vintage touch which I would have copped.
  3. bestintheworld

    Jordan XIV Flint Grey - Spring 2024

    Pass. Please bring back black toe 14s.
  4. bestintheworld

    NIKE Kobe VIII PROTRO - 2023

    @spiderjericho i forgot about Mambacurial Kobe 8s until you mentioned them. Those have eluded me for so long and the Mambacurial Kobe 10 didn’t quite satiate that thirst. Man, it’s insane how crazy the Kobe 8s went. Good times for sure.
  5. bestintheworld

    NIKE Kobe VIII PROTRO - 2023

    Just here for Purple Fades, Sulfurs and/or Sparks. That is all.
  6. bestintheworld

    Laney 14 High (2023)

    Damn. These laneys are so clean but I just can’t do it still owning the lows from 2015. Maybe i’ll double back when my 2015s start to show their age, but these are awesome.
  7. bestintheworld

    Jordan XII Field Purple - July 29, 2023

    I dig these. If they could be had under retail, then they will be 🙏🏽
  8. bestintheworld

    AJ IV Thunder May 13, 2023

    Lol Love you forkwomanoftheminute ♥️
  9. bestintheworld

    AJ IV Thunder May 13, 2023

    Felt this. Not to get off topic but this reminds me of when I literally slept through the Mambacita Kobe 6 release. Seeing the notification on my phone like a hour after the release went down made me sick to my stomach.
  10. bestintheworld

    A Ma Maniere AJ5

    Just want to see pics of the other pair now. Hopefully they’re not designed to look ravaged and raw dogged by the hands of time like the black pair is.
  11. bestintheworld

    A Ma Maniere AJ5

    ^these kinda stink in those pics there
  12. bestintheworld

    AIR JORDAN 12 Cherry Holiday 2023 - Rumored to release October 28, 2023

    Absolutely need these. Had two pairs of ogs when I was in high school starting out on these interwebs and sneaker forums. . . Both pairs, the soles separated horribly within a few wears. 2009 came around and it was either these or space yams and needless to say, im glad I can finally own these.
  13. bestintheworld

    AJ VI Toro Bravo June 24, 2023

    Copped. Hopefully I can snag a pair for retail or less come release day.
  14. bestintheworld

    Jordan 1 High Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse - May 20, 2023

    I, like most others tried for them at exactly 1400 and. . . I actually got a pair! The wildest part is that at 1457 is when I got the W notification. It said pending all that time and I guess it actually was lol
  15. bestintheworld

    Air Jordan XXI

    XX1’s are super dope. I would definitely cop a retro, depending on the colorway(s) released. They might try to tax with the retail price tho……… To answer your question, I believe EBay would be your best bet at this point. We’re talking about a shoe that’s 17 years old.
  16. bestintheworld

    Jordan XII Field Purple - July 29, 2023

    These are a possible cop. I Just like them for some strange reason.
  17. bestintheworld

    "Nike air Flight Huarache" Still hoping, praying, and waiting for these to return. This year or n

    Loved the pair Kobe wore. Always told myself that if those ever released, I would go for them . . . And as long as they’re not over hyped, I’ll take one pair please.
  18. bestintheworld

    Air jordan VIII Playoffs -Sep 30th - Updated:First official look!!

    If these go on sale (which I doubt, just based on today’s hypebeast nature), I will 100% double up. Otherwise, I will be content with these and the 2013 pair that I already own.
  19. bestintheworld

    Air jordan VIII Playoffs -Sep 30th - Updated:First official look!!

    Had these in 07 and still have the 2013 pair but for whatever reason, I guess I’ve gained weight in 10 years but that pair is a little snug fitting on my foot now. I definitely definitely need a pair of these as they just look way closer to the OG and you can never go wrong with these.
  20. bestintheworld

    Air jordan VIII Playoffs -Sep 30th - Updated:First official look!!

    Damn these look so immaculate, I may have to go for the double up. Aqua 8s are my favorite 8s but damn are these about to take that spot.
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