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  1. Joshuag451

    Lebron 8 South Beach 2021

    I ordered these LeBron 8 South Beach 2021 shoes from and I think they sold me fakes. If you can see in the photos the lion on the tounges look different also the nike swoosh on the toe is different and the bottom sole is different. Also there's red numbers printed inside of the...
  2. Joshuag451

    Is the Instant Sell Out and Hype Finally Declining?

    Yeah, I think it's because of a lot of releases. I'm noticing the same. BTW can you check my post?
  3. Joshuag451

    What is this green sticker inside of this shoe box?

    I'm planning on buying these jordan 6 carmine shoes but I see a green sticker inside the box, anyone know what this is? And do you think these shoes are legit?
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