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    Air Jordan XXXVII (37) first look…

    I am late to the party, but bought a pair on sale and they are the most uncomfortable jordan, for me, in a loooong while.
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    Damn. Gotta get some jordan golf shoes....I just been wearing ultraboosts
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    Love me some Jonathon Majors.... looking forward to KANG THE CONQUEROR
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    MAX | Out Now | White House Plumbers HBO limited series

    Just came to this thread to make sure that people are watching SOUTH SIDE. Then I see that some of you don't like season 3 and I am here to let you know that your opinion is wrong. SOUTH SIDE is fantastic. That is all.
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    Older Niker Talkers 30+

    Don't know if it was said, but when Marvel hit and everyone was choosing a hero or villain....someone was making moving gifs for peoples avys. Think it was killing the site so they had to make everyone stop. I was team Villains: Bullseye. Also, I'm 47 yo....
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    the thread about TWOs

    I am really liking these...... but gotta be on sale.
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    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    Never owned a pair in all my years, but these are a must....
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    Adidas T-Mac 3 Restomod

    Man, as a Bulls fan, these are amazing.
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    I dig these. What are they called?
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    Adidas Top Ten 2000

    So can anyone say when the black/white hit the US or are we stuck paying and waiting for international shipping?
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    What do you do for a living?

    Analyst for a RET law firm.... just went to private sector in SEP 2020. I wish I had gone to law school....these dudes make big bucks.
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    Your Top 5 Sneakers You'd Wish Nike Would Retro (Properly)

    A lot of love for the UP, SWIFT, MAESTRO 1 and VIS leaving those off my list. 5 Pippen IV - white/black/red 4 Fly-By-U - black/white/blue 3 2K4 - jetstream 2 Zoom BB 1 - all of the TB / specifically white/black 1 Jordan XVII -...
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    Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

    Those songs are filled with rich history......
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    May Wrestling Thread | AEW Double or Nothing This Sunday

    God, I am not good at the internet.
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    What was life like in the 90s? Vol. Old heads chime in

    I "forget" my cell phone at home all the time....
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    2017 DMP question regarding durability (couldn't find an existing thread)

    Can you wear these to play ball in? My son plays for a school that has gold in their colors and would like to get these for him, but want to know if the shoes can handle it. Thanks in advance.
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    Jordan 11, Gym Red, White, Black "Win Like 96" 12/09/2017 (Links on 1st post)

    Won my size 12.5 yesterday, just got my tracking #. Can't wait.
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    Did your father teach you to be a womanizer or a monogamist?

    I teach what I'm taught. Be with the one you with. If you want to be with someone else, be honest and truthful. Go from there. Now whether or not my 15 yo son actually does it....(shrug)
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    Jordan 11, Gym Red, White, Black "Win Like 96" 12/09/2017 (Links on 1st post)

    One of these, two of the navy....
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    Will Jordan Brand ever retro the AJ X w/ the toe cap?

    Damn.... I guess if MJ didn't like that element that they wouldn't retro it.
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