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  1. flawlessv

    A Sneaker A Day - painting blog

    Hey NT, I've got alot of free time this summer so I've decided to take on a few projects.  One of the things that I am toying around with is starting a blog following small oil paintings I'll do of sneakers.  The idea is to paint a small study every day with varying subjects, ie; beat up boots...
  2. flawlessv

    Help out an emerging artist, need a vote NT!

    Hey NT! I've been around the boards a few times with art posts.  In this economy, I'm trying to make it based solely off my artwork.  That means putting 100% into it every day, with no fallback.  This can be an unnerving way to live, but whatever, its worth it.  I'm up for a competition to...
  3. flawlessv

    -----Portfolio Post, check out some PAINTINGS-----update - Nike Mag oil sketch

    Hey NT, For those of you that don't know, I'm a painter from Boston, MA. Over the past year I've started to pursue a living through my art work alone.  It's been a long tough road, but things are looking good with a few shows coming up and a solo show on the horizon. I've got a few...
  4. flawlessv

    Nike Mag Custom ( Poor Man's )

    Hey NT, So a few weeks ago I picked up a pair of Nike Mags, the only sneaker I ever wanted.  The problem is, I just can't wear them around like the beaters that I casually slip on every day.  I used my ebay bucks and copped a pair of Radii high tops and have started to turn them into a poor...
  5. flawlessv

    white red 6s with a brighter red

    I just didn't like the shade of red on my white/red 6s so I added another tone.  Almost infared, not quite. Lemme know what you guys think!
  6. flawlessv

    New series of sports themed paintings, " Foul "

    Hey NT, just thought I'd post one of my new paintings, the first of my new series based on sports icons. The one below is titled " Judgemental Tempermental ", and is of Larry Bird and Ted Williams, both deformed from incidents pertaining to their lives.  To check out more, please visit my site...
  7. flawlessv

    Show in Boston, need area artists

    I've been offered a pretty solid show in Boston coming up in a little over a month.  I wouldn't mind seeing some work from area artists, post some pics from your portfolio or a link and I'll take a look.  If I like your style, we can work from there and I'll provide more descriptive information...
  8. flawlessv

    Got a Big OG Nike Steal, Air Tech IIs, Air Trainer SCs, etc.

    I'm always scoping around for a good deal, but this was definately a fun one. I bought a pair of OG DS Nike Air Trainer SC size 9 mens,  OG DS Nike Air Tech Challenge size 9 mens, OG DS Nike Air Trainer Hurache size 9 mens, OG DS Nike Duellist size 9 mens, and a1987 Coretz size 8.5 womans. For...
  9. flawlessv

    Turn your black/red Jordan 6s into infareds

    Heads up NT, no pics as of this minute, just throught I'd share a tip. I was restoring a pair of 2000 infared 6s and needed to mix paint to aquire the correct shade of infared.  I found a mixture that is 100% dead-on.  With some taping and minimal paintbrush handling skills you too can use...
  10. flawlessv

    Return of the Living Dead Appreciation, Volume : Brains!

    The best original movie with " return " in the title.
  11. flawlessv

    Custom Kaws Air Flight

    Was bored so I whipped these up pretty quick, had the base shoe for a long while.
  12. flawlessv

    Nike Air Command Force Cross Contour Drawing

    I was bored so I did this up, feel free to comment. WWW.ALEXMSEWELL.BLOGSPOT.COM
  13. flawlessv

    My Painting blog - co-op project with Traffik Sneaker Boutique

    Hey NT, I started an art blog for an upcoming project with FooTraffik, a sneaker boutique in Saugus, MA. The project requires the artists involved with it to create a blog or video blog to show who we are as artists, kind of a spotlight thing. There is a charity involved, but I'm thin on the...
  14. flawlessv

    Need a Manhattan party to go to Sat the 10th, have $$

    Hey NT, I rarely ask anything of my sneaker loving bretheren, but me n my girl r going to NYC (I'm from Boston) sat night and staying in the city tillSunday. Problem is were both 20. I'm looking for a party to go to n have a few drinks at, rub some elbows with you great ny ppl. I could put a...
  15. flawlessv

    Custom GonZo Dunk lows - Fear and Loathing Hunter S. Thompson

    EDIT : CLEARER NEW PICS Yo NT, I havent posted any customs in awhile, I've been working alot with traditional surfaces and whatnot. These dunks are inspired by the " Gonzo " theme that was portrayed in Hunter S. Thompson's works. The base was a black and orange pair of 6.0s. For those of you...
  16. flawlessv

    The Sneaker Graveyard Thread - remember those lost

    I've been going through my pics seeing what I have from years past, and I came across far too many pictures of sneakers that aren't mine anymore. Forone reason or another they are all sold. My collection has gone through way too many ridiculous stages, I've had OG white/grey Jordans 1s, True...
  17. flawlessv

    Flawless Victory custom AF1 - Will the 2nd

    I did these for a friend of mine who's been helping us out at the shop. Nothing crazy, just a nice, simple custom. Dude's name is Will andhe's a Jr. so I thought I'd switch it up a little and do " Will the 2nd " on the shoes. The lace tips are half his name and half black. These took a few...
  18. flawlessv

    Flawless Victory - Lynn, MA - GRAND OPENING Saturday May 3rd * right outside of revere, boston*

    EDIT : PICS ADDED ON A FEW POSTS DOWN. Hey there NT. Do you remember back when, way back when shoes lit up and had pumps in them? Everything looked straight out of the future. Remember playing horse when you were so small that every shot was pretty much inside the paint? How about wearing your...
  19. flawlessv

    Custom " Venom Attacks ' Vandals ** Flawless Victory **

    Whats up. I just thought I'd post the most recent pairs of customs I've done. Sorry about the first pic, it's re-sized so it looks a little jagged.These were my second attempt of using angelus paint after a year or two of using acryllic and whatnot. I call these " Venom Attacks " vandals...
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