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  1. philosophre


  2. philosophre

    Legit check on these True Blue Jays Legit check please. Looks good to me, but want verification. Thanks
  3. philosophre

    Price check on Flawed DMP 11s

    I'm trying to sell my Green Glow 4s for $200, I'm getting many $190 offers. This person offers me DMP 11s in sz 10.5, which I wear, for the Green Glows. Supposedly worn 5-10 times, self ranked at 9/10. If you notice the left shoe (right one in the picture), the jumpman is upside down on the...
  4. philosophre

    Jordan Men's Hydro IV size?

    Which size would I choose? I wear size 10.5 for my jays. Does that equate to size 10 or 11 for these?
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