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  1. djkaos23


    Delete please
  2. djkaos23

    Free Throw Line 3s

    Legit?? Seller has no box.
  3. djkaos23

    Jordan VI Travis Scott Legit Check

    Can anyone help me out with a legit check
  4. djkaos23

    The FANS sportstalk/debate show. I'm apart of the show.

    One of my friends wanted to start a sports talk/debate show for the fans by the fans. Well he put it together and we shot a few episodes. Each episode is 3 segments. It's just a start but I think we got something here that people will like. Please let me know what you think and if you want to...
  5. djkaos23

    The FANS Sportstalk/debate show. Check it out. I'm a part of the Cast.

    One of my friends wanted to start a sports talk show for the fans by the fans. Well he put it together and we shot a few episodes. Each episode is 3 segments. It's just a start but I think we got something here that people will like. Here's the link to the YouTube channel. Please let me know...
  6. djkaos23

    Legit Check on 2017 Space Jams

    Need a legit check please. These are the photos I was provided by the seller
  7. djkaos23

    Legit check on 88 JORDAN 3S

    Need help with these. Pics arent the best and i know they are yellow. Just need help with know if they are real or not Thanks in advance
  8. djkaos23

    Any Nters have their own Podcast/Internet Radio show....Thinking of starting one myself Vol. Any tip

    Anyone here got their own podcast or Internet radio show. I'm seriously thinking of starting one myself. I've always had this interest in radio shows but not mainstream radio. I like freedom. I know there is loads and loads of other people who already do this and have a established fan base...
  9. djkaos23

    New York Vacation/Anniversary Trip in 2015 Vol. Planning Early, Where do I go, What to do

    My 10 year Anniversary is next year. Me and the Wife looking at hitting New York. I have a few questions for my East Coast NTers How's the weather in March? Where do I stay/cost effective/best bang for your buck? Because I know a fair amount is gonna be spent on taxis. What should I do? Where...
  10. djkaos23

    Photoshop Experts.. I need your help. Vol. Grandmother has passed 4months after my Grandfather

    About 4 months ago My grandfather (82 yrs old) passed away. I came here to NT for some help. I posted some pics and asked for them to be photoshopped so I could use it as the cover of his obituary. I got a great response and help and the pic came out just right. Well 4 months later his Wife, my...
  11. djkaos23

    NT Photoshop experts I need your help. Vol. Lost my Grandfather 9/24 R.I.P UPDATE..Pics Posted

    This saturday I lost one of the best people in my life, my Grandfather. He was 82 and lived a great life. I may need someone to help me put together a photo with a different background. Being that I only have the photoshop trail and I am a complete NEWB to photoshop I would see if one/some of...
  12. djkaos23

    Adidas Clima-Lite Socks

    Got my hands on some sample DRose ClimaLite Socks (Adidas equivalent to Nike Elite Socks). Colors are Black/Red, All Black, White/Red/Black. They have the DRose logo on them. Some are slighty different from each other. They all have a diamond design thats stitched in (not printed) and the...
  13. djkaos23

    Anyone else post count still missing #member since 2001 but feeling like a newb

    Am I the only one that got there profile switched over but post count and history didn't update??
  14. djkaos23

    Slam Magazine Collection Vol. Decided to RECYCLE UPDATE#3 with more Pics pg. 2

    Since Slam Magazine has first dropped ive been a avid buyer/reader/subscriber/collector. Well its time to clean out my Garage and I have all of the Classic Slam Magazine ( maybe a total of 10 issues MAX that  I dont have since they first dropped). I dont want to get rid of them but its just no...
  15. djkaos23

    Knee Pain!!!!! Vol. I need some outside answer before the doctor visit

    Hey fellow NTers. I have some questions about knee pain/problems. Well im having a hard time bending my knee. I have had enough spells of where it feels as if your knee just buckles and gives out that I've lost count. Just regular walking hurts, and i have constant pain in the dead center and...
  16. djkaos23

    Places to Hoop in the I.E. (Riverside/Corona)

    What are and/or where can i get in some good hoops at in the IE (Riverside/Corona). Looking for some full court serious ball. Ive balled at the 24hr fitness in corona off Mckinley/Teller (91frwy). The games were cool but they run full court the short way. Im trying to run 94 feet. Any suggestion...
  17. djkaos23

    Super Mario Beatbox

    Yo if im late Mods delete/lock. This dude is dope  Her's the link, for some odd reason computer wont embed for me right now.
  18. djkaos23

    Ads on Niketalk containing viruses???

    You ive been avoiding NT for 2 days. Those ads on the top and bottom have been trying to hit my computer wit viruses. Am i the only one?? I got a antivirus/antispam program thats catching them but i believe on e got through so im scanning and cleaning my computer to get rid of it. Is anyone else...
  19. djkaos23

    Balling Spots in Riverside/Corona

    I just moved out this way and im looking for some spots to hoop in on the weekends. Anywhere in riverside/corona area. I went to the 24hr Fitness on teller st (off the 91 frwy) no one was there but enough showed to play 1 full court. Maybe i got there to late. Anyone knows of some spots please...
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