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  1. nightruans

    Help with meme contest

    Will venmo small prize to anyone who helps me win, target is one on right side
  2. nightruans

    2008 CDP Countdown Pack Size 10

    Air Jordan Collezione 11/12 Air Jordan Countdown Pack XI/XII Air Jordan Retro XII 12 "Taxi" Air Jordan Retro XI 11 "Black/Red, Bred" Size 10 100% Authentic Jordan XII is 100% DS Jordan XI has been worn around house once 9.9/10 Condition! Crisp! Just look @ Pics! 2008 Release Original...
  3. nightruans

    The Psychology Of The Web Troll

    95% of you guys, someone embed lol
  4. nightruans

    Wenger 16999 Giant Swiss Army Knife Customer Reviews HILARIOUS

    Biggest Swiss army knife ever made These customer reviews have me DEAD at work :rollin
  5. nightruans

    One of my coworkers is selling carpet to Drake

    I work for a carpet manufacturing company and one of our sales reps is actually selling some carpet to Drake... I sent her an email asking her what happened and this is what she sent me, it is actually a cool story "Its actually really embarrassing. Drake sold his house in Toronto so he has...
  6. nightruans

    Nike Lebron Cork Size 13

    I am selling the Nike Lebron Cork size 13 SUPER RARE Shoes are DS and has never been tried on. Shoes will be double boxed. Price Includes shipping If you're interested PM me. I only accept PayPal and must be confirmed.
  7. nightruans

    How would Cleveland feel if Lebron was signed by the Cavs in 2014??

    The Cleveland Cavaliers are positioning themselves to be able to sign a maximum contract player during the offseason of 2014, according to executives and agents around the NBA. LeBron James is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent in that offseason. People around the NBA believe there...
  8. nightruans

    IYO Has NT General Fallen off?

    What do you think?
  9. nightruans

    Help Vote for my family as Best Lunch in town!

    Hey NT Fam, My family has a local restaurant and the local newspaper has nominated us for best breakfast. I wanna blow these other places out! Can you guys help out with a vote please! Thanks The...
  10. nightruans

    Agreement Between Nightruans and y0uNgNdAnG3RoUs723

    85 shipped for Nike Lebron IV BLACK/CRIMSON SZ 9 Paypal: In paypal please make sure your address is verified, I will post tracking in here once the payment is made and the shoes are shipped Do you agree, y0uNgNdAnG3RoUs723? 
  11. nightruans

    2006 Nike Zoom Lebron IV- 2 Colorways NDS CHEAP sz 9 $115

    2006 Nike Zoom Lebron IV VNDS Paypal only- Only ship within the US Add 10 for shipping handling and double box Text 7707153727 or PM or email : for quickest response COMES WITH OG BOX BLACK RED= RATING 9.3 WHITE RED BLACK RATING 8.5...
  12. nightruans

    How many of you are Bilingual and how has it helped?

    Sup,  I wanted to know how many of you guys spoke different languages obviously besides english. Any Trilingual? How has it helped you in life? Personally, I have gotten every job because I can speak spanish and when recruiters see it on my resume it helps tremendously!  I truly love being...
  13. nightruans

    Any NTers near Newport Beach, CA?

    Moved out here for a month courtesy of a corporate apt Any spots I should check out? Any advice is cool!
  14. nightruans

    Window Tint in California

    I know there are a lot of NTers in California. I am moving to Los Feliz because of a great job offer and I am shipping my car. It has relatively dark tint, not sure what the % is. How often would I get pulled over or does it fly under the radar. I also wanted to know what to expect as far as a...
  15. nightruans


    Anyone care to share an invite? Thanks! Mods if this isnt allowed please lock it up, thanks!
  16. nightruans

    Katy Perry Appreciation...

  17. nightruans

    Knicks Close to Deal for JR Smith

    The Knicks are close to agreement on a deal with J.R. Smith. New York will need to cut a player to make room for Smith. Smith has also been considering the Clippers. Read more: Lin Smith Melo Amare...
  18. nightruans

    Moving to Los Feliz, CA - Advice and Tips?

    -Got a job in Downtown LA -Found a few apts at about 800 Need tips and warnings lol Any help is appreciated!
  19. nightruans

    Where to create Custom Tee Shirts for Cafe?

    Hey guys, I know many of you have created tee shirts, where can I order some nice tee shirts for my business and what type of material would you recommend? We created some cotton tee shirts but they shrink and start to look weird after a few washes, some people have told me to use like a...
  20. nightruans

    Anybody here work for a collection company?

    What can you tell me about collection company tactics? Dude calls me saying they are going to freeze my account and take me to court anyone have experience? it doesnt show up on my credit report BTW
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