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  1. JetsfanQ

    -6 cops shot in shootout in philly Respect
  2. JetsfanQ

    -2 latin countries Warns citizens not to travel to detroit,baltimore,albuquerque

    Two countries issued travel warnings to their citizens about the United States following two mass shootings that killed 31 people. Both Venezuela and Uruguay warned their residents about violence and hate crimes in the United States Monday. Uruguay's Office of Foreign Ministry issued an...
  3. JetsfanQ

    -somalis talk about when ppl say their not black etc

    Alotta them east africans (somali, ethipioa, & the country nippsey hussle peoples is from eritrea or however u spell it) these people dont identify with us at all & gladly will help an arab over us anyday of the week ...Alotta them ethiopians in dc metro (silver spring moco) believe in sticking...
  4. JetsfanQ

    -2019 top 10 worst cities to live in(based on safety,job market,education)

    10. Milwaukee Population: 595,070 Median home value: $114,700 Poverty rate: 26.7% Pct. with at least a bachelor's degree:23.3% More than one in every four MIlwaukee residents live in poverty, more than double the 11.8% state poverty rate. Poor cities often have higher crime rates than more...
  5. JetsfanQ

    “We(black ppl) are the only ppl confused to white supremacy”-chris black

    speaking on alot of our people being confused as to what white supremacy is (its not just caucasian people but include iranians,mixed hispanics,asians,irish,italians etc) & how alot of our people make excuses & try to include others as minorities with us when they are all against us(this video...
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    ABG-neal (bkny)

    new joint
  7. JetsfanQ

    Donald trump calls baltimore Dangerous rat infested mess/ makes cnn reporter cry
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    Welcome to the party (summer 19 ny anthem)

    ———————————- All the youngstas from the city eating this up
  9. JetsfanQ

    Lawyers seek to delay trial of university of maryland hate crime killing
  10. JetsfanQ

    White arizona man slashes blk teen throat for playin rap music
  11. JetsfanQ

    2nd member of los angeles gang sentenced for firebombing black families
  12. JetsfanQ

    White man guns down black mailman in louisiana while delivering mail
  13. JetsfanQ

    New jersey couple goes missing vacationing in barbados
  14. JetsfanQ

    American doctor gunned down with his tour guide in belize
  15. JetsfanQ

    “They think black people dont like trump,thats a lie”-face (queens,ny former blood)

    “Gangstas for trump” Speaking on the real evil party being democrats & making america great again
  16. JetsfanQ

    -rare flesh eating bacteria rising in jersey,eastcoast beaches/seafood
  17. JetsfanQ

    -multiple mayors vow to protect illegal immigrants from trump raids in 10 cities
  18. JetsfanQ

    -oldschool american whips(low riders,donks ,big rims-designer rims-block engines etc)

    from what i seen on here its bits & pieces but nothing to serious Oldschool chevys , oldsmobiles, pontiacs ,caddys etc
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