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  1. njavier03

    How to Dye Air Bubble

    idk if this is the right place to post this, but ive noticed that most of the nike iD options are limited in terms of the air bubble color. has anyone been able to dye/paint it successfully where it actually lasts. i tried google, but all i got was dying the actual rubber soles. TIA
  2. njavier03

    Best Steak and Cheese? Dont say Jersey Mikes

    anybody know of any good steak and cheese places in our area? not a fan of jersey mikes, so dont suggest that.
  3. njavier03

    Jordan XI Concord Legit Check PLEASE!!!

    sorry these are all the pics i got :rolleyes
  4. njavier03

    Kobe V Think Pink

    I don't know if this is the right place or not, but I've had these Kobe V Think Pinks for a while and I was wondering if anyone knew what they are worth. Sorry if this doesn't belong here.
  5. njavier03

    What shoe is this?

    Hey NTers I've been trying to find out the name of this shoe that I had when i was a kid. I've been searching for years and I cant seem to find the name of it, so I though if I described it, someone might know. I've been wanting this shoe for YEARS! I had them when I was 10-12 (I'm 20 now)...
  6. njavier03

    Nike Ultraposite

    out of all the shoes being retroed these last couple of years, nike needs to bring the ultraposites back. i would cop 5 pairs easily. please bring these back nike...PLEASE!!!
  7. njavier03

    i need help finding a shoe!!!

    hey guys im looking for a nike basketball shoe that was released in the mid 90s. i dont remember what they are called or the exact time of they're release,but they are very very very similar to the zoom flight 95s. they both had the ovals and had a mesh like upper. they also had a hard plastic...
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