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    Let's celebrate diversity.

    So I was thinking with all the negative threads that have been popping up, lets discuss something positive. The other day we were having a FIFA tournament at my house, I looked around and noticed I had friends that were Indian, brazilian, viet/chinese, mexican, isreali/moroccan, irish/morman...
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    Immediate gratification

    Basically every time my younger sister gets a 4.0 we buy her something. As a kid, my brother and I didnt have that luxury. But now my pops made it a tradition of celebrating one's achievements. And I find myself buying stuff for my sister when she does well.So what do you guys think? my parents...
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    Pic Request: Mike the situation

    Earlier, I saw a family pic with Mike the situation with his brothers and sister wearing turtlenecks. Had me rollin. Hopefully someone has it.
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    Christmas Gift Gameboy DSi Game

    Hey hopefully I can get a name and price for a certain DS game. It's about taking care of a baby. Changing diapers and all that stuff.  Its for my little sister and I need it before Friday. 
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    NT, help my mom pick a new car.

    My pops wants to buy my mother a Lexus RX300. My mom wants an Audi Q5. And I want her to get an Infiniti FX35. None of us really know anything about cars. What would you guys recommend? Also my mom has a Nissan Quest from 99 that she bought brand new and hasn't done anything except for oil...
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    Facebook: Are you a fan app vol Selena Gomez

    So FB asked me if I was a fan of Selena Gomez. It got me like . Is this a trap?
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