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  1. MakeNTGreatAgain

    What makes you happy? Vol. it’s not money don’t cap

    What brings you happiness/joy? do you spend the majority of your time doing this? Or do u have a job that u don’t enjoy but provides means? How did you discover this makes you happy? If you don’t have anything that makes you happy why do you think that is? I’ll start, I am not sure what...
  2. MakeNTGreatAgain

    recommend me a super fly blanket vol. tryna be comfy for the winter

    looking for a super duper nice blanket looking forward to yall recommendations
  3. MakeNTGreatAgain

    How do you cleanse your mind? Vol. Formatting ur hard drive

    How do guys cleanse your mind of all the thoughts and clutter and get to a clean slate to start thinking more clearly? Is it a daily thing? Or something you do after a period of time? I want to hear techniques and ideas that fellow comrades use so we can share and see what works for different...
  4. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Death Vol. unavoidable, lets discuss

    Lets have a conversation about death as it is guaranteed for everyone. I guess we can start the discussion stating the definition of death Definition of death 1a : a permanent cessation of all vital (see vital sense 2a) functions : the end of life Im not doctor but to me Seems to...
  5. MakeNTGreatAgain

    i miss berg bruh

    legendary *** dude wish him peace
  6. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Happy Birthday Amy Adam's Vol. Baddie

    Happy birthday to a fine redhead
  7. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Starting a Business talk vol.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business(llc) in a state such as Wyoming vs ur home state? My home state is CA Is it mostly taxes and expenses saved? Or is there something I'm missing. For yall who own or deal with ppl with their own LLC I'd like to hear ur opinion...
  8. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Amazon strike vol. Consumerism So yall gunna keep shopping there 8o Or is our shopping not going to make a difference
  9. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Help me feel better vol. Bombed an interview UPDATE PAGE 3

    bombed an interview and feel like trash How do you recover from something like this? Felt like they broke me down and i feel so dumb and useless
  10. MakeNTGreatAgain

    starting a roth ira

    i wanted to put some money aside and start a roth ira i made an account on tdameritrade but am completely off yall save money in one of these? where did you learn how to manage it and what to invest in? ima beginner
  11. MakeNTGreatAgain

    happy birthday to fousey Vol. NT's own

    Fousey has grown from niketalk into a huge internet icon. he pioneered prank videos. yes that did bring controversy but he followed his dreams. Saw on a friends IG that its his birthday. just wanted to wish him a happy birthday and if hes still around that we still support him. also its my...
  12. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Best smart phone camera

    I have an iPhone X and am fed up with the issues it has software based and the poor camera quality allowing dirt to enter the lens and camera quality is piss poor. I am either going back to a 7 or switching to an android Any of you have the new android phones? Which camera do u like more? The...
  13. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Laws against towing vol. workplace dispute

    so at my campus they have parking zones labeled by a colored paint along the parking spot. if you park in the wrong color they give u a "citation" this is a private commercial property They threaten to tow your car away and have towed people in the past for parking in the wrong area without...
  14. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Calling out sick vol. Mental health

    Is it okay to call out of work if you are not feeling right? For the corporate folks how do your superiors feel when calling out for these reasons?
  15. MakeNTGreatAgain

    situation at work involving an intern vol. white privilege?

    So at work we got an intern last week. it was his first week so we was still feeling him out and learning about him as he was about us. so the team he was working with was me, and two others. i am a colored person and my other two coworkers are black. so intern is telling us hes a boy scout and...
  16. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Had a dream i got married vol. Actually a nightmare

    and in my dream my current girlfriend was not at the alter She was actually sitting watching along with all the other guests looking at her phone But she was dressed as a bride Do i tell her this? What do i do?
  17. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Happy born day to one of my best buds Vol. Bendover

    So i met this dude off NT many moons ago and he has always been there for me. hes a great friend, family man and business man. He helped me through many tough times and i wish nothing but the best for him. i love watching him succeed and climb towards his dreams. he is a longtime NT vet...
  18. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Tips to buying first piece of property vol. American dream

    For yall homeowners what advice do yall give to a first time buyer? And how was your experience getting a fha? Anybody used an fha for an investment property?
  19. MakeNTGreatAgain

    Had dinner at Buffalo wild wings vol. Did i tip?

    the check came around and i asked my girl how much should i tip? She said dont tip at all its a waste of money. Now head to the poll
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