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  1. stuntman mike

    Official NT dad thread: can the dads get love

    i told my wife i was going to buy her a chanel bag for her push gift but she got an epidural so i downgraded it to a jansport backpack.
  2. stuntman mike

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    hawaii is now in the running to host the g7 (along with utah, tennessee, and north carolina). i wonder if those other states have trump hotels. we have one here and there’s a BLT steak house downstairs. ever since 2016, i boycotted that place.
  3. stuntman mike

    Louis Vuitton opens massive manufacturing factory in Texas VOL. coppin Foreign made in da USA

    i can’t complain about more american jobs.
  4. stuntman mike

    Banksy's Back In NYC

    i put in for the banksquiat and the thrower.
  5. stuntman mike

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    it would have been much better if my homie mufi hanneman beat tulsi for that damn seat in the house. her nonsense seems to be turning people off and it's looking like local boy kai kahele could take that seat even if she comes up for re-election. anyway, she could make more money working for fox...
  6. stuntman mike

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    i lost 4 keith haring swatches and my class ring. whenever i want to feel depressed, i look up those swatches on ebay.
  7. stuntman mike

    Would you go see a Doctor at Walmart?

    there are sites where people rate their doctors kinda like yelp for MDs but those are based on opinion. might help though.
  8. stuntman mike


    i have a question: on my comp (windows 10/ google chrome) i usually have to scroll to the bottom and hit the "change width" to better fit the content to my screen whenever i open up the browser and go to NT. is there a way to make the "wide" setting my default or do i have to click the change...
  9. stuntman mike

    Home Security Cameras

    i used nest cams to watch my dad while i was at work. he's old and my mom and my wife went to vegas and i had to make sure he was ok. i could monitor it from my phone and comp and even speak through the cams. setting them up was super easy.
  10. stuntman mike

    Would you go see a Doctor at Walmart?

    i'd go for something like getting an excuse note for work or something minor.
  11. stuntman mike

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    mannn the leather on those is good too and it’s perfect with them gum outsoles.
  12. stuntman mike

    Ray Donovan; new series on showtime

    ray is a savage early on and through most of it but then this past season or two, he gets real soft. you‘ll probably like it.
  13. stuntman mike

    HBO: "Watchmen"...EP: I "It's Summer & We're Running Out of Ice"...Premieres Sunday October 20th @ 9PM est...Damon Lindelof... :)

    what time period is this taking place in or what relation does this have to the graphic novel? does this take place after? i might be the only one that liked the movie, especially the ultimate cut (i also loved the graphic novel).
  14. stuntman mike

    Official NT dad thread: can the dads get love

    my wife and i always ask. my son declined soccer and baseball. he did a practice judo class and got to sit out of the sparring exercises then he agreed to 6 months and from the next class, he had to do sparring exercises and he hated it. when he cried in class the other night, i almost wanted to...
  15. stuntman mike

    New HBO series "Ballers" starring The Rock

    finale of this show reminded me of the entourage finale. at the end it’s like welp, i guess that’s it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. stuntman mike

    Official NT dad thread: can the dads get love

    my son has been in judo for a month and he hates it less than when he first started. the class is pretty crazy. last week my son was trapped tight in some kinda headlock and he started yelling and then cried and the teacher told him if he doesn’t like it, then get out of it/escape. next time it...
  17. stuntman mike


    finale was fantastic. logan's slight smile was perfect. greg pulling a TI before congress was hilarious.
  18. stuntman mike

    ***Official Political Discussion Thread***

    i’m not watching the debates but off the top of my head, it’s mainly used as a greeting, a farewell, and also a term for a type of love or showing kindness.
  19. stuntman mike

    What makes you happy? Vol. it’s not money don’t cap

    coming home after a long, ****ty day at work and walking through the door to see your family excited to see you. i'll never get tired of hearing "DADDY'S HOME!"
  20. stuntman mike

    Ran into @ksteezy in the train

    whoa whoa! when you travel THAT far, it must be difficult to adjust to the time zone, the unusual food, the whole culture shock! i hope you remembered your passport!
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