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  1. sooperhooper

    Are you good at remembering names?

    I'm horrible with it and it's slightly embarrassing especially when they remember yours. I've heard of different tips but it's hard when it's multiple people at a time. That's why i hate stuff like networking events.
  2. sooperhooper

    Small deal-breakers in a relationship

    I was on the fence about this chick and i found out she snores like a mac truck. No can do. Someone that sleeps with the tv on would be an issue with me too. Can't deal with a chick that's obsessed with her phone/social media. Friend of mine has a daughter from a previous relationship and...
  3. sooperhooper

    If you were filthy rich, would you feel obligated to help those in need?

    Would you feel a moral obligation to help the poor? I know i would. Yes it's my money and i do with it as i please but it's gotta be tough knowing that the price of your car insurance can save an actual life of someone that needs a kidney.
  4. sooperhooper

    GoFundMe for the homeless (very modest goal)

    A company that I work with thought it would be a nice gesture to do a community event, so i chose to put together gift bags for the homeless. The details are in the link, goal is to assemble 75 bags which would cost roughly $400. Thanks to those who can donate.
  5. sooperhooper

    Tidal Premium free for 2 months (new users)
  6. sooperhooper

    Vitamin Water offering $100K to go a year without your phone

    I could do this easily. There's a lie detector test involved.
  7. sooperhooper

    Download my friends' new app: Jump In (App Store Only)

    It's called Jump In Let's say you're in a new city and you want to know where people play ball, or hike trails. This allows you to search for specific events or invite others to jump in to an existing event. At the moment it's only in Austin, but it will be expanding soon. Only on the App...
  8. sooperhooper

    In which grade did your peers begin engaging in adult activities?

    I started hearing murmurs of smoking and drinking in 7th grade. If you weren't smashing in 8th grade you were probably getting clowned by the older dudes... who were way too old to be in that grade anyway. I smashed the first time in 9th grade (98 ) which is waaaaaay too early. I would've...
  9. sooperhooper

    Starbucks kicks out 2 black men for nothing

    Despicable. No other way to describe it. This hits home for me because something similar happened to me and my friends in a spot in Houston called the drinkery (that's now permanently closed, probably due to all of the complaints of blatant racism). I've heard people talking about boycotting...
  10. sooperhooper

    How important is looks really?

    I see cats talking about they'd wife a chick bc she's fine, but that doesn't really mean anything outside of sexual stimulation. I know my type and I'm picky but if it's a chick that I vibe with, I may be a little lenient on looks. I was in a similar situation a few years back but she just...
  11. sooperhooper

    Who uses Cash app? Vol. Faster than PayPal

    Easily thee cleanest and easiest money transfer service that I've ever used. Clean interface & instant cash-out. My boy sent some bread and I was :wow: when it hit my account in seconds. Use my referral and we'll both get $5 :pimp:
  12. sooperhooper

    Derez Deshon

    Surprised he doesn't have his own thread. I was just introduced to his stuff ab a month ago with Hardaway. Instantly fell in love with that joint. I like how dude raps about his struggle. Didn't even know his album dropped a while ago. Birdman got another one. Ambitions :smh: Morton's :smh...
  13. sooperhooper

    Accountability Thread vol. April

    I seem to keep lying to myself about getting certain things done and I'm not holding myself accountable. The idea behind this thread is to tackle some task(s) that you've been putting off and someone in here has to hold you accountable. I'm not exactly sure how it's gonna play out, possibly...
  14. sooperhooper

    Craig Mack, dead at 46 smh

    Rest up to a legend. Would've been cool if he got some recognition and love. Dude kinda faded away smh always thought his voice and delivery were ill.
  15. sooperhooper

    5 Explosions in Austin, 2 dead (bomber apprehended and killed) I'm at work and my mom hit me up asking if I was ok. Stuff is cray.
  16. sooperhooper

    I realized life was no joke when...

    -2006. I was about 22 and was living in my first apartment for a few months. I got a little too lax about the bills and messed around and forgot to pay the water bill. Never in my life have I turned on a faucet and nothing came out. That was that moment i realized that they will indeed cut your...
  17. sooperhooper

    Ever been bitten by an animal?

    I didn't get bitten but it was close. I was doing an ubereats delivery today and dude couldn't grab his little hound in time. Not a big dog, ab 40lbs but it was persistent. He came at me in the front yard. I instinctively hit a Sharp left, fake half spin to the left, cut to the right. Ankles...
  18. sooperhooper

    Chicago man forced to stop housing local homeless people Sad world we live in B. The city is saying based on codes and statutes, he's actually running a shelter, which the property is not built for. What's saddening is that it seems they're more concerned...
  19. sooperhooper

    Need ideas for custom cards

    I had an interview Wednesday and instead of buying a thank you card, I made one that featured a photo of an artist the interviewer likes (Bob Marley) along with a quote that pertains to the job. I posted it on my fb and lots of friends were saying that this is something that I should consider...
  20. sooperhooper

    "I remember the moment I heard ___ for the 1st time"

    I'm kinda picky about the music I like, but when I hear certain songs, they stick with me forever. Certain songs I loved so much that I can recall exactly where I was the moment I heard them. Dope boys - ti At a step show in college. Beat came in and that joint was TOO funky. Then dude started...
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