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    What’s this about...

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    Yes i hit unsubscribe. Yes I hit unsubscribe from all emails. It still sends an email every single time there’s a response to a thread. It’s getting to be ri-got-damn-diculous
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    Asking $175 shipped PayPal Shoes are worn once indoors for about an hour and cleaned. Honestly could pass as DS. Comes with original box and receipt. *crease in the right toebox was there when the shoes were brand new PM me with inquiries
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    asking $175 shipped PayPal Completely DS with footlocker receipt and hang tag PM me with inquiries
  5. doublemesh96

    F/S Dan Marino speed turf DS size 13

    asking $150 shipped PayPal. Pm me for inquiries.
  6. doublemesh96

    Sharing food

    how do you feel about sharing food? I just got in a huge fight with my chick cuz I bought these wraps asked her if she wanted the same thing she gets something different and then wants to try mine. I proceeded to get angry and she got mad that I was getting angry. I don’t want nobody touching...
  7. doublemesh96

    Pumping gas for women...

    Do you do it? I suppose it’s considered chivalrous. I only do it for ma dukes. Used to for my girl but now I’m like hell to naw. I already pay for everything. Thoughts?
  8. doublemesh96

    Who’s more thug, Marty Byrd or Walter White?

    Im gonna say Marty Byrd. He never gets shook when facing adversity.
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    What do you do after dark...

    name some things that you do after the sun goes down.
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    Asking $600 shipped paypal $550 local pickup or trade for a size 14. Shoes are guaranteed 100% authentic. I laced them up and tried them on so technically they’re not ds but they’ve never been worn. They’re too small for me. PM me with inquiries.
  11. doublemesh96

    VNDS vapormax flyknit “triple black” size 13 130 shipped

    shoes are worn twice gently and cleaned. Comes with original box. Excellent vnds condition. Asking $180 shipped. PM me
  12. doublemesh96

    DS vapormax flyknit “orbit blue” size 13 160 shipped

    Shoes are deadstock size 13 with original box. PM me
  13. doublemesh96

    DS size 13 airmax 1 anniversary $150 shipped

    Shoes are deadstock size 13 complete with extra laces, hang tag and og box. PM
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    Yo what is a dollar van???

  15. doublemesh96

    Can someone with google Home debunk this real quick

    I only watched the first couple minutes of the video and cut it off but are they foreal with the Jesus responses? :lol: *found this as well
  16. doublemesh96

    Audrina Bigos

    sweet jeeeezus
  17. doublemesh96

    I didn’t see a pocket knife thread???

    joints are so ill
  18. doublemesh96

    Fly or be invisible?

    Would you rather have supermans flying ability (no other powers just flying) or the ability to go invisible anytime you want?
  19. doublemesh96

    Niketalk, has anyone here ever been in love with 2 women???

    Is this even possible? How do you handle this situation. Like you're legit in love with both, feel like you can't live without either. It probably most likely will not end well just wanna know if any of y'all have experienced this.
  20. doublemesh96

    Anyone peep son of zorn?

    Starring niketalks own Jason soodakiss. Joint is lit :hat Tim Meadows :smokin
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