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  1. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan 12 University Gold- July 24, 2020

    Hit on SNKRS. I feel like Gary Payton. LA Laker.
  2. kingofeastnc

    Jordan III “Animal Pack” 2020

    I had a vision for these: blue waxed laces to play up the other colors on the shoe. May go all in and paint the leather heel tab blue too. But the stock black laces just might be the best look... I convinced myself I needed these ever since the two animal colorways were announced--even...
  3. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    I know I was the only one asking, but for reference: I believe it is vivid purple on the Blue Voids -- which really are barely blue void at all.
  4. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    What is the name Nike uses for the purple color on the blue voids [like green glow, digital pink, photo blue]?? I'm trying to get matchy.
  5. kingofeastnc


    Tinker with some fire Oregon exclusive 7's [I think]. Source:
  6. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    I wanted to pop in and show appreciation for yall sharing the Instagram plug. I was able to cop the Voids this morning. I'll be looking forward to the shipment coming in. ------- A "Flint Grey 13" colorway -- navy blue, flint grey, white -- could've been fire on these... Or a carolina blue...
  7. kingofeastnc

    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Anybody willing to get a "MY TOP 5" showcase going here similar to what the Polo app features? Posts could include a mix of things you possess and/or items on your want list. I understand if y'all are holding out to be featured on the app... But I think it would be a cool way to highlight...
  8. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan 13 "Flint" May 30, 2020

    "Truest to OG":lol: I'm hopeful that means navy blue. Of course 3M is a must.
  9. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    What are these? Worn by Dwayne Bacon in the Charlotte Hornets' Twitter reveal of their purple throwback jersey.
  10. kingofeastnc

    Nike Kyrie 5

    I got through on SNKRS but somehow ordered the wrong size. My default size is set at 10, but the app had 10.5 in when I clicked purchase. :smh: I was going so fast I couldn't do anything to correct it.
  11. kingofeastnc

    WTB: Kyrie 4 Confetti, size 10, DS

    I would like to purchase an authentic pair of Nike Kyrie 4 Confetti brand new with box in a size 10. Please contact me if you have a pair available. Thanks.
  12. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan 3 retro "Mocha". - December 15, 2018 release

    Some Mocha 33's could be dope... I'm looking forward to this release. I purchased these for full price back in the day with money I made from selling dubbed VHS copies of the And 1 mixtapes on here. Also, sold them on here after beating them half to death.
  13. kingofeastnc

    Jordan XII Pro purple GG extended sizes release

    In my opinion, the fatal flaw with this pair is changing the texture on the purple material on the upper but failing to change the texture on the purple midsole to match. The devil is in the details, and JB half assed it. These are... enhh
  14. kingofeastnc

    Jordan Retro 18 Black/Sports Royal - 10/11/18

    I want to black out the 23 on the tongue, and maybe the Jumpman too, for a tonal look like the suede pack has — what's the best medium to use? I think it'd be a cleaner look with the muted branding.
  15. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan XXXIII first info

    It's probablyproba mentioned in 15% of the comments through the last few Air Jordan model threads: but they've got to stop with this clear sole BS. How/why has it come to this?
  16. kingofeastnc

    Jordan Retro 18 Black/Sports Royal - 10/11/18

    I'll be holding out for a good price [~$175].
  17. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan XXXIII first info

    With it's simplicity, I viewed the base model of the Air Jordan XX9 as the modern Converse All-star. It's nuts that they never hit Nike ID. As far as these XXX3 – no matter what the design is – I'm just hopeful for dope colorways. HYPOTHESIS: Considering the hints with the tech, I suspect...
  18. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan XX Flyknit (Melo)

    These are cool. I always like the pod cushioning setup in the XXs. It looks like the zip code patch on the midfoot strap is detachable; and maybe the ankle strap is completely removable?
  19. kingofeastnc

    Air Jordan XXXIII first info

    I just wanted to chime in by adding that y'all are tasteless snobs if you believe the latest Air Jordan models aren't great product. IMO, everything since the 2011 has been on the money – lots of new classics and all time favorites in the mix. That said, it's no way the shoe with the straps is...
  20. kingofeastnc

    **The Official Ralph Lauren Polo Thread**

    Yoooo anyone notice the Rivera inspired stuff from the "Collection" on the RL site? Granted, NT isn't the target audience for a high end women's line (generally), but the pieces are really dope.
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