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  1. John Laurinaitis

    Vaping is killin’ em??
  2. John Laurinaitis

    Kaepernick donates his sneaker collection He's also donated to homeless organizations and to the North Dakota Pipeline in the last month. Wish more athletes would follow. With all the money they...
  3. John Laurinaitis

    The North Face footwear

    I'm trying to find an archive of The North Face footwear line that the company started in 1999. I'm specifically looking for a pair of off road/trail sneakers that came out '99-'00 they were red/gray and had the logo by the toe box. Any help guys?
  4. John Laurinaitis

    NT Detectives: I've got a difficult case for you

    Ok, to sum it up: I agreed to meet w someone who contacted me over some Bred 11's that I posted on CL. They pulled up in their car with 3 people, all were underaged kids. They asked to see the sneakers, then drove off. I was on foot so couldn't do anything. I call the precinct afterwards they...
  5. John Laurinaitis

    Jordan is a GREEDY man What a jerk
  6. John Laurinaitis

    Going to Montreal- NT what to do?

    Taking a road trip up there from NYC with 2 friends. I'll be there Friday night and Saturday. Where should I go, what should I do? So far I know I want to check out Old Montreal, a museum (of course) and the Notre Dame basilica. I also want to watch the UEFA Champions league finals on Saturday...
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