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  1. ballislife32688

    Looking for size 14 Nike electro purple foamposites

    pretty simple looking for a DS pair of the new phoenix colorway foamposites in a size 14. PM me any time with details and price, thank you for any help.
  2. ballislife32688

    500 days of summer

    I know im extremely late but I keep hearing about this movie 500 days of summer and how it was really good and some ppl say the movie say it was a truly depressing story. Just wanted to know if it was worth renting or not.
  3. ballislife32688

    Breaking my NT rules. vol I need info on this chick.

    Man anyone who knows me on here knows I keep it lowkey and honest don't Simp in here or gas up weak chicks. Dont even ask for info but I'm breaking my rule just this one time I need info on this chick. Im sure im gonna hear all kinds of lame +!#$ from some of NT but whatever I want info.
  4. ballislife32688

    sorry please delete

    please delete
  5. ballislife32688


    Ok Im sure I'm gonna hear it for this but I just cant get down with smashing any old thing, yea I love sex but I aint lowering my standards for some randomweak chick or some +%*@ that let the whole hood hit. Im know im gonna catch heat for this but every time I smash a chick I think to my self...
  6. ballislife32688

    Women do dumb stuff VOL Jazmine Sullivan.

    Women will #$*$ on the guy that cares for them and go for the guy that hurts them. I been switched up my ways. Women make no sense Btw Please tell me Im not the only one that gets beyond heated when that Jazmine Sullivan song Im in love with another man comes on. If you hear the things shesays...
  7. ballislife32688

    What are your Goals and Dreams, Lets see if we can help.

    Ok so lately I am beyond motivated, I have come to a point that I know no matter what happens I will get to my destination. I one day want to play in the NBA,no im not just a talker, I train each day to be an animal. Three workouts a day, and whatever else it takes to get there. There have been...
  8. ballislife32688

    Motivational quotes to keep you going.

    some people may not be interested and thats fine but honestly there are some great quotes out here. all I do is repeat them to my self and I keep pushing myself. This can be inspired from any area that your trying to succeed in. Hope people are willing to help and give some great quotes. I know...
  9. ballislife32688

    Sherron is the man

    This guy doesn't get all the press that he truly should, he can flat out play and he is a bully on that court, definitely one of my favorite collegeplayers to watch, I don't know what he will do in the league but as a college player he deserves more press.
  10. ballislife32688

    J.R could be a great player.

    Were not in here to discuss his attitude or off courtissues. This guy can flat out play, yes he makes some bad decisions but none the less he is nice. I remember reading he is one of the highest scorers perminute in basketball. There is gonna come a time when he is gonna want the spotlight and...
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  12. ballislife32688

    Who is the best player in Memphis

    Me and my friends were debating on this subject, on one side you have Rudy Gay who is a great talent who averaged 20 points last year and had flashes ofgreatness many times last year. I think he is the leader of this team. Then my friends say O.J is the man on this team, he has all the hype and...
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