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  1. bijald0331

    NT, the Super Bowl is near. I present to you Jaime Edmondson in ALL 32 NFL teams' gear :EVIL

    �� She is a 10. Enjoy.� Thread music (Yea, I'm bringing it back... should be a picture gallery staple�) adult image hosting
  2. bijald0331

    My Fellow Midwesterners, Massive Blizzard!!!?? vol. My School's First Full Closure since 1979!!!

    See y'all on the other side.  Midwest braces formassive winter blizzard By Mary Wisniewski CHICAGO | Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:35pm EST (Reuters) - The Midwest braced for a massive andpotentially dangerous winter storm on Monday that could bring over 18 inches ofsnow and strong winds that...
  3. bijald0331

    Post Crazy Facts About Movies

    So I just watched Leaving Las Vegas. Interesting movie. Probably need to watch it one more time to appreciate Nicolas Cage's performance and to confirm that it really was Nicolas Cage. The opening was wild. Elisabeth Shue is damn sexy (also a great performance as a $@%#@@ with a (!!) heart of...
  4. bijald0331

    UConn donor demands return of $3M donation after Pasqualoni hire vol. MONEY TALKS

    Posted: Tuesday January 25, 2011 12:54PM ; Updated: Tuesday January 25, 2011 1:24PM UConn donor demands return of $3M donation after Pasqualoni hire HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -- A major benefactor to the University of Connecticut wants the school to return $3 million in donations and remove his...
  5. bijald0331

    Close Encounters of the Buddhist Kind- Very cool photo essay on a Thai cult

    Close Encounters of the Buddhist KindAn exclusive look inside a booming multibillion-dollar, evangelical, global Thai cult.CAPTIONS BY RON GLUCKMAN, PHOTOS BY LUKE DUGGLEBY | JANUARY 20, 2011 Picture this: millions of followers gathering around a central shrine that looks like a giant UFO in...
  6. bijald0331

    Steer Clear of Camden, NJ

    Life In America's Most Dangerous City About To Become "Living Hell" As Layoffs Of One Quarter Of Government Labor Force Begin Life in Camden, NJ has never been fun. Frequently ranked as America's most dangerous city [1], whose only claim to fame are the corporate offices of Campbell's Soup...
  7. bijald0331

    Street Fight Documentary Appreciation

    Great documentary on the 2002 Newark Mayoral Election. Can be found on Netflix Instant Stream. Particularly poignant on MLK Day.  Go watch it. [/spoiler]
  8. bijald0331

    NT, what articles/blogposts/features have you read and enjoyed? vol. cruiserweight spin-off

    So I was going to create a thread for an article by David Brooks. I realized that wouldn't be so successful as many of my past article threads have garnered very little attention, to my ego's dismay. So I thought for a little bit. This thread is the product of that exercise. Bear with me: There...
  9. bijald0331

    The Dave Matthews Band made more than $500 million during the last decade. vol. Ants are marching!!

    MONEYBOXConcerted EffortThe Dave Matthews Band shows how to make money in the music industry.By Annie Lowrey Posted Monday, Jan. 3, 2011, at 4:50 PM ET As usual, the list of North America's top-grossing music tours of 2010 was heavy on AARP-eligible best-selling rockers: Bon Jovi, Roger Waters...
  10. bijald0331

    Forum Heartbeat... is this new? -Detailed Data on NT forum usage!

    Go to the very bottom of this page (or any page) and click on the link. Did I just not know about this? Or is this a recent development?
  11. bijald0331

    May You Have Good Luck All Year...

    hat tip to TBP
  12. bijald0331

    2 great articles from The Awl about the meaning of 2012. Read!!!

    Both were just absolutely fantastic and resonated deeply within me. Maybe they will with you, NT. THE END OF THE WORLD by Cord Jefferson on December 29th, 2010 The Road To Hell Is Paved With Compostable Bags I do not believe in things like ghosts or astrology or gods who care if you eat...
  13. bijald0331

    Chinese egg house vol. Even Da Heightz snickers!!!

    Beijing’s Egg House By Barry Ritholtz - December 23rd, 2010, 9:45AM While we await new home sales at 10, let’s consider a different abode than the typical McMansion, a smaller residence in the crowded and expensive city of Beijing: What’s an architect to do when he can’t afford to pay rent...
  14. bijald0331

    Science Sees Further- 12 articles on science today from The Royal Society

    Pretty cool. Science sees further Welcome to Science sees further, a series of articles on some of the most exciting areas of science today. It was launched on 30 November 2010, to mark the end of our 350th anniversary year. Each article explores one of the...
  15. bijald0331

    Have some fun with Google Books' Ngram Viewer

    Pretty cool. As the NYTimes reported, Its a “mammoth database culled from nearly 5.2 million digitized books available to the public for free downloads and online searches, opening a new landscape of possibilities for research and education in the humanities . . ...
  16. bijald0331

    Which music blogs do you follow? Reviewers'; not artists'

    Curious Just found theneedledrop but it's too indie-centric.
  17. bijald0331

    Nevermind lol.

  18. bijald0331

    A Niketalk Thread was cited in a Slate podcast vol. Hairlines

    I listen to Slate's (owned by Washington Post) Hang Up and Listen Sports podcast every week. It's a more high-brow look at sports and the journalists are pretty respected (yea, yea oxymoron ). At the end, they usually throw out some random, light-hearted topics (they give these a name every...
  19. bijald0331

    Josh McDaniels fired!!!

  20. bijald0331

    Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes-Documentary

    Searched for a post; I couldn't find one. A friend linked me to this and I just watched it. It is a little dated (aired on PBS in '07) but I found this documentary interesting, insightful and especially relevant to this board.   Where I grew up First thing they teach us: Not to give a *#!#...
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