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  1. Ox.

    hockey player tries to fight the whole team. Vol. lol epic

    Raspiyev isn’t well known for his scoring ability, but his 111 penalty minutes in 16 games for Barys Astana this season speak to more of the kind of hockey player he is. During the one-minute, 12-second clip, Raspiyev goes after three Red Star players — and circles back to another one — before...
  2. Ox.

    Find the phone.

    no spoilers please.
  3. Ox.

    They're Watching

    It's 3am in California.  I've been watching alien/area 51 videos. can't sleep. what's your take on aliens? believe or no? what's in area 51? what do you think they look like? will you greet one if you saw one?
  4. Ox.

    Jaboody Dubs Appreciation Thread.

    whenever I have a dark day, I put on youtube and search for some Jabbody Dubs to brighten it right up. maybe it''ll help some of y'all too.
  5. Ox.

    NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars. Vol. They're coming.

    New findings from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars. Using an imaging spectrometer on MRO, researchers detected signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes where mysterious streaks are seen on the...
  6. Ox.

    Would you wear an article of clothing that was for a girl?

    I went with my girl to a clothing store (Charlotte Russe) and as she was looking around we walked by a long sleeve shirt that I really liked. I really wanted it but you know... The shirt was like a light blue faded denim with white fade spots lighter than others. Material was nice and...
  7. Ox.

    who ok's this?

    she spit some bars at the end though.
  8. Ox.

    Should I wear a Red Sox tie dye shirt to a Dodgers/Brewers game tonight?

    Sadly I won't be attending the Red Sox game when they come down to Anaheim next weekend 128542 so I wanna rep to at least one ball game this season. I've worn my Cowboys jersey to niner games before when they weren't playing but this is the Dodgers.
  9. Ox.

    my girl came into my room and found NT opened on my laptop.

    She was coming over after I got home from skating. I wanted to be clean for her so I hopped in the shower and left the door open and laptop open. I was chillin browsing NT as I was waiting for my doo doo to mature before dumping it. But you know when you're on NT and nothing in the world matters...
  10. Ox.

    all I want for my birthday is for Meth not to delete this thread.

    25 years old since 9:30am.
  11. Ox.

    NT, mount up. We got beef. Vol. Regulate

    Damn right you're not.
  12. Ox.

    why do you love America? Vol. Jose can you see?

  13. Ox.

    iLLest needs our help!

    "RACIAL PROFILING 101: So, I'm driving my new car (which I got a couple of weeks ago) 15 miles per hour down the streets of LA. Music was off and phone was in my pocket. Next thing I know I'm getting pulled over. "Hi officer, did I do something wrong?" "Yeah you don't have a license plate on...
  14. Ox.

    if you could compare yourself to an animal, what animal would suit you? Vol. what's your inner beast

    I would compare myself to a wolf. I could roll in a pack or roll solo. I'm pretty tamed/chill but when messed with I can snap. I'm kinda under the radar but at the same time I'm being watched out for.  inb4 I should be a penguin.
  15. Ox.

    biggest reality check life gave you.

    Mine was that some girls look better not naked.
  16. Ox.

    is "Freddy Got Fingered" the best motivational film of all time?

    I think so.
  17. Ox.

    have you bros had a bomb kiss yet? Vol. Smooch

    like a bomb kiss that you will never forget? it was just something special and gave you butterflies? with a special girl in a special moment? I ask this bc last night was my first new year in a while where I didn't mack on a random girl.  I have, it was back when I was 18/19 with a gf I had at...
  18. Ox.

    no longer buying papi john's

    Peyton must have been in the kitchen bc it's obvi that the toppings were intercepted.
  19. Ox.

    NT! let's make some art. Vol. Mike and Jello make your own!
  20. Ox.

    NT, what are you thankful for? Vol. Turkey day.

    I'm thankful for my health, my mom's, brothers, nephews and nieces health, the roof over my head and food on the table, skateboarding, Megan Fox, my ps3, Brisk ice tea, Kirkland flavored carbonated water, burritos, febreze, m&m's, toilet paper, clean water and I think that's it. Happy...
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