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  1. hank scorpio

    Hitting up Dallas Mid-October

    Taking my woman out to Dallas Oct. 17-19. Anyone have places they recommend we should check out? Looking for romantic dinner / dates places. Great place for views? Food? Activities? Not really on a budget either. Staying in the Downtown area. Thank you.
  2. hank scorpio

    2016 Air Jordan Banned 1's OG legit check

    Saw these at a Facebook group last week and would like it if I can get the opinion of the experts to see if these are legit or not. Thanks in advance!
  3. hank scorpio

    Vacation deals website

    Anyone know of a good vacation destination "flash deals" aggregater site? I used to use one quite some time ago, but forgot the name of it. Would really appreciate it if anyone can help. Thanks!
  4. hank scorpio

    WTB Air Jordan Retro 1 "Banned" OG Size 9.5

    Hello there, Looking to buy a pair of DS Banned 1's size 9.5. I am willing to pay as much as the going rate for them, which I believe is around $350. I am PayPal ready and willing to make a purchase as soon as you are. Please let me know if you have a pair available for sale.
  5. hank scorpio

    Understanding Social Mobility

    If you're a visual learner, you'll love this video. Eye opening?
  6. hank scorpio

    NT: Do You Live in a Bubble? Interesting to see what people's scores are.
  7. hank scorpio


  8. hank scorpio

    Should You Let Your Child Win at Monopoly? What are your thoughts? I personally agree with the writer, but wouldn't so much "baby" my children to that extent. It's important to teach kids how to lose graciously, but I'd rather teach my...
  9. hank scorpio

    Anyone know much about Chase Private Client Banking?

    Everytime I go into a JP Morgan Chase branch to either deposit or withdraw money, I get an associate asking me if I'm interested in joining their private client banking. I even get letters in the mail about this offer. Anyone work in a Chase branch or familiar with the service? I have my...
  10. hank scorpio

    Anyone Ever Travel Around Europe via Train/Rail?

    Planning my yearly Europe trip and was considering traveling around using the Rail system. Anyone have any awesome scenic routes they recommend? I was thinking of flying out to Vienna and then taking a train to Prague.
  11. hank scorpio

    For All the NT Parents--Best 529 College Savings Plans for 2014

    I know there are some parents here that would appreciate this sort of info. It's hard to find investment outlets that can also be used as a tax-advantages as well. A little...
  12. hank scorpio

    My Boss Doesn't Wash His Hands After Using The Bathroom

    I was using the bathroom a few days ago taking a piss. My managing director walks in and precedes to use the stall two spaces over to the right. We have some small chit-chat (I HATE small talk as I'm peeing, but I couldn't ignore him) about the World Series, because he's a huge baseball fan...
  13. hank scorpio

    Is anyone trying to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower August 13th?

    Anyone in the NYC area know where the best spot would be to view this? I don't care if I have to be awake at 3:00 AM--I want to see this thing!
  14. hank scorpio

    NT, convince me "cutting the cord" is a good idea

    I've been hearing from many people that they've "cut the cord" on their cable subscriptions and never looked back. I hear about all the money they save and how much simpler their entertainment setup has been as well. I don't watch much TV anyway, but this has sparked some thought and maybe I'll...
  15. hank scorpio

    The Ups and Downs of Life Vol. I got the feels

    IDK if this has ever been posted, but someone sent this to me and I felt compelled to share
  16. hank scorpio

    How well would you score on the Wonderlic Test?

    Just took this quick and dirty without using a calculator. You're instructed NOT to use a calculator. You honestly do not need one actually. Take the Full Quiz Listed are a sample of median scores by profession: Systems Analyst – 32 Chemist – 31 Electrical...
  17. hank scorpio

    NT Audiophiles: Please come in

    I consider myself somewhat of an audiophile and I'm sure there are many others like myself in this community. With that being said, I've decided to create this thread to seek guidance for this issue that I've been having for awhile now. I have a lot of FLAC files and play them through my...
  18. hank scorpio

    Help me plan my trip to Rome and Paris vol. ****** in Paris and Rome

    Ok, NT. I'm finally deciding to take a vacation after working 2 long years without literally any break (not including federal and religious holidays). I've never had the chance to travel around on my own not regarding work commitments. This trip is purely for my self-satisfaction and to get away...
  19. hank scorpio

    De Blasio, Lhota: A Tale of Two '80s

    And people still think Lhota isn't the most qualified?
  20. hank scorpio

    Twitter officially Submits S-1 for IPO Can't say I'm surprised. Would've been nice to work on this IPO as well.
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