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  1. fapmasterjr

    Live from Area51

    peeping the twitter feed #Area51storm LOL
  2. fapmasterjr

    GAMERS - Google Stadia....all stream gaming NO CONSOLE

    unreal. next level in gaming. once 5G hits, and VR's evolve...... READY PLAYER ONE time...
  3. fapmasterjr

    Backpacking Hiking Camping locations, check list, etc thread

    Fellow NT'ers, I'm sure there are some avid outdoor cats in off some of your must have items, low-key necessities, and pictures/locations/tips of your outdoor treks.... A group of 6 of us are headed to Havasupai Falls this May and super stoked! First time going there and need to...
  4. fapmasterjr

    Go to breakfast...

    What’s ur favorite breakfast meal? my go to is breakfast burrito from local spot here called Los favoritos taco shop...chorizo, egg, potato and their salsa verde.... Last week had eggslut when traveling, and damb so bomb...wish their was one local here for me....
  5. fapmasterjr


    I'm late to this ebates game (shoot me!)....but man, these cashbacks and being sent to PAYPAL is the biz!! I just used today's deal for Macy's 12% to cop some GSTAR gear......share ur deals or post your flourishes!! The EBATES Google Chrome plugin is :smokin
  6. fapmasterjr

    FACEBOOK DOWN!! checkin :-)

    Phoenix, AZ here checkin in.... we're DOWN
  7. fapmasterjr

    BREAKING: Keylogger Discovered On Several HP Laptops!!!

    NT'ers ...Be careful!!! You can view the source code here:
  8. fapmasterjr

    ******* about to reveal names......*******-viewing-data-court-case/?utm_campaign=socialflow& I'm here like:
  9. fapmasterjr

    Another San Bernardino shooting....School on lockdown
  10. fapmasterjr

    Amazon Prime ADDICT

    I get boxes almost every other your last amazon prime buys here:
  11. fapmasterjr

    OFFICIAL AREA 21 Thread - KG's show on TNT

    Maan, I've been watching alot of his area 21 shows on youtube and i think it deserves its own thread.  Just the other day when they had Jason Williams aka White Chocolate on there just made me appreciate KG and his love for basketball even more........ ***BONUS Vid of CWEBB and KG giving...
  12. fapmasterjr

    DoomsDay Clock just advanced 30sec to Midnight...vol thanks TRUMP

    Washington Post Article It's now 2 ½ minutes to “midnight,” according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which warned Thursday that the end of humanity may be near. The group behind the famed Doomsday Clock announced at a news conference that it was adjusting the countdown to the End of it...
  13. fapmasterjr

    Are we in a Simulation / Video Game Reality? vol Elon Musk

    Love how it starts off light hearted, then you see how serious and logical Elon Musks thoughts are......
  14. fapmasterjr

    Yeezy slippers and house shoes ..vol

    Anyone rockin these while chillin at home in the cold?! Perfect for watching nba and playing some xbox They were selling in some marketplace in LA.
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