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  1. crumps brother

    I'm maybe visiting Brooklyn next week

    fairly big maybe what's the status? I'd be staying in Gowanus/Park Slope area agenda would be hitting up breweries which from what I could tell when I checked about two weeks ago is that most are not open to drink on premises...I would not do it unless there was outdoor seating I would not...
  2. crumps brother

    Anyone got a pontoon boat?

    searching around for one for my father in will be docked closer to us and we'll end up using it the most not sure if it'll end up being this summer but if not probably next something probably 20' plus what should I know?
  3. crumps brother

    Blast from the past...old Eastbay order emails

    Remember the gift card discount promotions they used to run? :lol No idea why I bought the size 11...must’ve been helping someone out
  4. crumps brother

    Anyone have suggestions on how to get this stain of of XI's clear midsole?

    not a huge eyesore these are not mine I've seen other pairs with a stain like this (maybe from receipt if left in box) that ppl weren't able to remove seller said he tried to clean it but wasn't successful
  5. crumps brother

    can someone post Jordan and other face emoji's that are posted on here

    this is what I mean thanks
  6. crumps brother

    How many moderators are on NT anymore?

    Seems like many are MIA the reason I ask is because I made a thread on the 9.5-10 buy/sell forum and bigj505 is sleeping at the wheel...he was last seen December 3, 2019 this place is like the wild west compared to how it used to be
  7. crumps brother

    Someone ID this video for me

    It was a news report, a female news reporter interviewing gang members in a rural setting The gang members were rigged out with guns, they were talking about how they don’t like their rival gang on Maple street :lol
  8. crumps brother

    What sweatpants y’all wearin???

    May be in the market for a pair or two I’ll preface this with the fact that I don’t want to spend too much and little to no branding is preferred Usually wear Uniqlo dry but the fit gets wonky after a wash and dry on new pairs unlike the pairs I got a few years ago
  9. crumps brother

    Merchants charging for credit card fees - Paging NT attorneys??

    I understand this is something that may vary from state to state... I live in PA for reference does anyone know if it is unlawful to charge a fee for their credit card fee for payment, and then if that fee is tacked on to my bills next month, charge me an additional fee for the fee from...
  10. crumps brother

    Gems: shoes that you have or had that rarely surface anymore

    i had a lot more shoes in the past than I do now Got rid of many due to numerous reasons...getting married, buying a house, having kids, having limited time to wear due to work, aged shoes falling apart Note, none of the pics I’m going to post are mine but here’s some stuff I used to have...
  11. crumps brother

    FS: 2016 Jordan IV white cement

    $140 Comes with everything pictured
  12. crumps brother

    FS: 2013 Jordan V Fire Red White

    $100 Comes with everything pictured
  13. crumps brother

    New Supreme North Face Snakedkin Backpack Green - $138 plus shipping

    Shipping based on location
  14. crumps brother

    Jordan 1 Sail/University Red Size 9.5

    shipping calculated based on your location brand new in box
  15. crumps brother

    Summer is nearly here, where you guys getting tank tops from?

    I'll need maybe a rotation is a UNDFTD tank and and ASOS sleeveless pink Wu Tang tank it seems like all I see are basic ones prints (mostly floral)
  16. crumps brother

    Legit Check On Space Jams, Please

    Two different pairs, thanks in advance Pair 1 Pair 2
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