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  1. liquidcream

    LMAO Vin Diesel Got Soul

    @ fam hittin him in the nuts with the worm
  2. liquidcream

    I sit back thank god for everything I got and for for giving me life again when I got shot

    "All I need is a bad %++!!, 1 blunt, 1 cup..." Salute Me or Shoot Me 3 was solid as #+@+
  3. liquidcream

    You don't mess with the Juice! I gave you silk suits, blue diamonds and gucci handbags.

    I always appreciated the way fam swagged out in the face of betrayal.
  4. liquidcream

    100 Percent Straight Banger

  5. liquidcream

    Bin Laden On The Hook

    Don't even front son this _ should have been something in the game
  6. liquidcream

    On The Real, Fat Joe Is A Living LEGEND

  7. liquidcream

    Yo Cartune

    what's good with this C-Bo mixtape?
  8. liquidcream

    CLASS OF 2010........ BEACHWEEK?!?!?!??!!? VOL. MYRTLE.

    who all are going? i just paid my 2nd installment for the place me and my friends are renting out. i plan on dropping a good $500 on herbal stimulants, alltogether im paying around 300ish to stay there, which is cool, from what i heard though where you stay barely matters though haha. anyways...
  9. liquidcream

    Bad Mixtape Cover Appreciation

  10. liquidcream

    The Best A Milli

    Bryan Anglin also know as D-Flex/Dreadmasta Flex/Baa is a musical force of nature . Dude started off in the game with what many consider to the be the most entertaining remix of A Milli ever done
  11. liquidcream

    So You Say You Like Trunk Rattlers Ha?

    that's what he was talm bout on the Can It All Be So Simple Remix anyway since you here Young Jit out of Memphis, TN, got em
  12. liquidcream

    What Happened To Possibly The Biggest Movement In Hip Hop

    What ended up happening with the Smoke-A-Thon? Did the NT Smoke-A-Thon go down?
  13. liquidcream

    One Of The Most Slept On Releases From Last Year

    Banger after banger from front to back
  14. liquidcream

    I push a hard line cross it, *&^^!$ gon scatter, I'm not the mad rapper, I'm the rapper gon bad

    Recordin on Pro-Tools at the padI give the game a bath, boy I'm a savCome through the sideshow yokin' the Cad
  15. liquidcream

    Disciples of the Geto Boys cus they was talking to Hoover

    Lu absolutely %@+#$@+ spazzed That is all. Appreciate
  16. liquidcream

    kill you shoot the funeral up then harlem shake at ya wake

    love this track
  17. liquidcream

    NT Computer Help vol. 2 : mycoldyourdone put it there

    Aight so my sisters computer is infected the Personal Antivirus Trojan I've googled and followed the steps on how to remove using the windows autoruns program but I can not find the stupid file to delete and be rid of it can someone help me I'm absolutely lost right now
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