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  1. JRepp23

    Jordan III white cement ‘94 retro

    I have a pair that I wore back in junior high. They still look decent but the heel tabs just started cracking this year. I would not even entertain putting mine on feet at this point.
  2. JRepp23

    Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA Thread

    Is this not the same idea of an OffWhite adding a zip tie and Air printed on the side of them though. Trust me, I feel the same way about those XIs also.
  3. JRepp23

    Air Jordan 13 "Red Flint" 2021

    Done it. Lol
  4. JRepp23

    Air Jordan 13 "Red Flint" 2021

    I really don't want the red to be too bright though. One of the few times I will say that.
  5. JRepp23

    That one Jordan shoe.

    Charcoal VII first. 93 Aqua second. 94 Hand me down Black Infra 6. 94 IE Black Red XI 96 Black Red XII 97 Edit... I cant believe I missed the 94 retro 3 that I got at that time for 80 bucks. Still have them.
  6. JRepp23

    Air Jordan 4 x UNION LA Thread

    The opinion of a shoe is never wrong. Its an opinion. What goes wrong is when people get insulted for their opinion. I dont like the shoe personally. But the reaction to them in a positive way is intriguing. Does that make me want them? No. Does that make me look at anyone a certain...
  7. JRepp23

    Jordan XI Clear Holiday 2020

    Those two are trying way to hard to stand out. The shoe looks nice honestly. But to brag about a 550 dollar early purchase? When we ALL question their authenticity? No one is gonna pay a G for these. They are young, they will figure it out.
  8. JRepp23

    2000 metallic 5s, legit check plzz. Thanks

    Your good to go. These a re real.
  9. JRepp23

    That one Jordan shoe.

    We all got stories. But for some, a certain model just hits in all ways. No matter what the colorway, they will get. I think thats cool. Even if its OD. I cannot say I have a model J I must have every release of. But I do know there are people like that. This thread is kind of a chance...
  10. JRepp23

    Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019

    At the end of the day, its just a nickname. It should not get people that bothered.
  11. JRepp23

    Air Jordan 13 "Red Flint" 2021

    I am always gonna like a + color that I can envision Mike playing in back then. This is one of them.
  12. JRepp23

    Air Jordan 13 "Red Flint" 2021

    Flint 13s are :pimp:. I wish I had em. But a Bulls version of them would be nice.
  13. JRepp23

    Air Jordan 13 "Red Flint" 2021

    I like em. Count me in.
  14. JRepp23

    That one Jordan shoe.

    So there are a few guys in here that are hardcore with just that one certain model Jordan. Show them off or talk about why they mean so much to you. ....Conversation fun. Pics if possible.
  15. JRepp23

    The Official Jordan XXXI Thread

    Wow. Complete respect toward your passion regards to the 31. Very cool.
  16. JRepp23

    1984/1985 Nike Air Ship x Air Jordan 1 Pack

    Agree completely. This could have been the time to capitalize on all the hype generated by the doc. Tell the REAL story on what shoe actually got banned, make a lot of em, sell a lot of em. But noooooooo. That would just make some sense at this point.
  17. JRepp23

    Air Jordan xxxiv first info

    Who ever it was, was lame in the first place.
  18. JRepp23

    Brand Jordan Edition: The Last dance Documentary.

    As I have wrote several times, the best memories come with Pacers and Bulls. Its more than just MJ, its everything around that period of time. Thats why his brand is so big. People wanted a product so bad that they use it as a time capsule. If you get it, you get it. If you dont, you think...
  19. JRepp23

    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    As long as a good color scheme is presented. I dont care if this rainbow crap is in or not. If they dont give a good Chicago type look, no go.
  20. JRepp23

    AIr jordan XXXV first info.

    If these are a 35, I can already see a Black Red color scheme that may make them look decent. I dont PS so we will see if they come with one.
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