Air Jordan 5 Retro Fire Red

  1. thuglife67898
    "Amazing quality and Shoe"
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    Apr 29, 2012
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    Pros - Nike Air logo , Great Material.
    Cons - Yellowing,Chance of cracking sole
    Were do I Begin, The NIke Air Jordan V , The shape of the shoe is the definition of 90's sneakers the mid/high cut the nike air etc.
    Ever since i started collecting and wearing Air Jordan's in 2005 By mistake i just happened to walk into my foot locker and saw a pair of retro XX's low I feel in love and the rest is history I was 15 at the time .
    I always wanted 3 shoes from the collection The III's, IV's and V's ,and when they started retroing them after 2006 something about them didn't fit about them, the Jumpman logo.
    I'm sort of old fashion and love the 90's (clothing,music,shoes etc...)
    So I always wanted the Nike air logo to come back and did research and realized it might never come back and didn't have money to buy them on ebay for 3x the retail , so for years I just dreamed of having them and once I got older And had some money I went on the attack on ebay, Until one day they were mine for $275 :D.
    I bought the 2000 Fire red 5's Dead stock not knowing they might crack, so I just jumped the gun anyways and luckily I've been wearing them since last june with no problems And now with The '88 III's With Nike air In my collection I'm only 1 shoe away from total Air Jordan happiness.


    Were do I start , Anything after 2006 for me has been going downhill in terms of quality and its been getting worse , The Pleather they used for the 2013 V's makes me sick compared to the Buttery leather they used back in 1999 , I Mean wow to think that in 2000 a shoe with such high quality Materials only cost $120 compared to the trash from 2013 at $160 makes me wish I started earlier ,Also the 3M is blinding bright and the tongue is very soft.
    Overall these are the best quality Air Jordan pair I Have


    The Air Jordan V Fire red is one of the most popular colorways for the 5's and with the Nike air on the Back it just Fits, These look Amazing with Sweats. These have been retroed only 3 time 2000/2008/2013 But the best retro release is definitely the 1999/2000 release


    They are a little Narrow but very comfortable , I always have to be careful walking on them as They are Still 13 year old shoes , But its worth it.
    Sometimes I forget I'm even wearing shoes on how comfortable they are


    Since these were probably on a display the right shoe has a cracked netting ,that with Hot glue is holding for now , The right shoe is more yellowed than the left but the soles are Still icy , And since they were Deadstock for 12 Years they still have a chance of cracking soles


    I usually wipe them down with a damp cloth after every use and wash the soles with soap water,and a toothbrush to help with dirt yellowing the soles even more.
    I Also Let them sit after i wear them so they air out.

    ***Final thoughts...***

    My Favorite Shoe was the Cement 3's but after taking a good look at these , They are starting to beat the III's . These are an amazing shoe and wish they retro them completely the same as these.:smokin
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