Nike Zoom Soldier VI - Mens - White/Game Royal

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  1. l8bloomer11
    "Zoom Soldier VI the greatest performance shoe destined to hit outlets"
    Fit / Comfort:
    Support / Stability:
    Pros - Darn near everything
    Cons - Lack of shank plate.
    Whats up NT, I just wanted to do a full performance review similar to Nightwing2303 but from a different perspective. I am a much different build than he is so I wanted to give a different outlook on some of the shoes he reviews. I am going to try to use a similar layout as him so you can compare and contrast how its all written.

    Specs: 5'9", 210lb. Size 10 US shoe. I play 3-4 most of the guys I play with are around my height so its easy to play a little bigger. I'd say I'm a reliable 3rd option on a team. I like to play around the paint but do have a little range. I do like the midrange game and I dont create my own shot. Its kind of a Big Baby Davis type player but quicker.

    Traction - Beast out of the box, if you're one of those guys who specifically wants to hear your shoe screech when you stop of push off this is THE shoe that can pierce all of you expectations and eardrums. The heel had a little less traction overall but I blame that on the actual surface area it has. Either way amazing traction.

    Cushion - One of the best this year for all around purposes. I have had knee problems since high school and I am very picky about how much a shoe needs to give me and this shoe delivers in every facet of the game. Sometimes the phylon that Nike uses is very rigid and not very forgiving. The soldier vi seems to be made of a softer phylon that molds quickly to your foot and gives outstanding comfort. Coupled with heel and forefoot zoom the shoe responds wonderfully and give you plenty of spring and give.

    Material - The first shoe I tried with fuse technology was the Lebron 8 PS and from a strictly fuse standpoint it was good so my expectations were pretty high. The shoe has a solid fuse upper and thats it. From a minimalist perspective this shoe definitely provides a less is more appeal. And it delivered for sure. Without all of the bells and whistles this shoe provides a great shoe at a competitive pricepoint.

    Fit - These fit true to size and true width. The shoe comfortably molded to my foot after just a few shootarounds. The fuse upper was not restrictive and provided all the right flex and movement out of the box. Toe box has a spare bit of room but that is more to my liking.

    Ventilation - It was great, huge open areas were placed around the shoe that provided plenty of airflow and didnt sacrifice support.

    Support/Lockdown - Here is where I came across the only issue in the shoe, there was no shank plate to reduce torsional movements. Meaning your foot could twist kind of in the direction of a corkscrew. I didnt come across any problems with it but I did notice on big landings that the shoe gave just a little more than on most shoes that provide some sort of shank plate. Lockdown was firm and molding, great feel on thunderous cuts where the shoe maintained its shape and didnt let you blow out the sides. Just wonderful.

    Overall - From players 1-4, I give the thumbs up. Everywhere from your super speedy point, to your power player who has a smooth midrange game, this is a must. I only get hesitant on your 5s because of the whole constant pounding they take, the missing shank may be an issue. Either way these shoes need to make it in almost everyones rotation because they are legit. Once these hit outlets, I might have to grab a spare. But Ill still look for good deals and keep reviewing different shoes for the heck of it, and to help out all others looking but just cant decide.

    I know its a long read, but thanks for looking.
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