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pool really just gave Bayern a 20 for one of the best midfielders in the world right now


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Didn’t we find out the hazard fee was something like 160+?
Yeah they revealed on the first week of this month

Yeah, unfortunately. Apparently Belgian outlets recently reported three installments that tally 160M euros. Either way, Marina fleeced us. SMH.
I was really surprised that Madrid paid 160 millions euros. Marina fleeced Madrid football clubs. 160 mill euros for Hazard and 64 mill euros for Morata
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i really have no idea what happens now or what this really even means
is he forced to resign?
Joined Aug 15, 2017
The petition obtaining a sufficient number of signatures enables the Board to vote Barty out now, as opposed to waiting for elections next year. The graphic suggests the Thanos *snap* from the MCU.


formerly hhaze
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Ya catch that lil scene on All or nothing Spurs when they came back from quarantine and dele Ali tell chick he never knew how easy it was to make baked beans lmaoo. Ol girl was like yeaa you heat it up and boom he cuts her off and says just pop it in the microwave :rofl: All while he had a face of accomplishment and happiness. She goes on to say yeaa or microwave 😂
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Don't know why Bayern sell players for so little sometimes, but it is what it is. He wanted to move on, he gets his wish. They need to turn around and solidify that midfield now, while Thiago is super injury prone I think that still leaves a pretty big hole in the middle.
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