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Hold up, Newcastle is doing what?!? :wow: :wow: :sick: :sick:

Hope the Foxes don't go through another craY collapse to end the year like last year and miss out on CL footy
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Not a fault for wanting to give a manager with 1.5 yrs some more time. But do you think we'll really be backing him in the summer to sign anyone of consequence? And I only disagree about the attacking play style. We managed 4(?) shots on target across 180 minutes. One per half. Not nearly good enough. If it's a matter of the players, you touched on it with his insistence to sit Gabi, not play Aubama (maybe due to his fight against malaria recently, who knows), his mind bottling tactics against defensive teams... I dont know. Idk the answers either, but in my view, he's out of time. No reason to keep him for another year if he's not shown any semblance of a system or playstyle befitting the players we have. Those guys arent changing much. So we need a manager that can make use of their abilities.
I don't think its improbable that the kroenke's will invest this summer, its Kroenke's OUT for life but they did shell out the money for Auba, Pepe and Partey when we never thought we'd see the club spend that much for anyone. I hate to say it but its possible that they will be willing to spend big and unfortunately they could use it as a "sorry we tried to sell the soul of the club, here's some new players."

Ill die on the hill that Arteta is a good coach that can get us playing quality footy BUT after digesting yesterdays match and the tie overall, i agree with your second point now more than i would have a few months ago. Slim touched on it before too but ya'll are right that, even though he still has wenger and emery players there and a team with holes throughout the entire squad, we still shouldn't be looking this bad. Overall our quality is good enough to beat a villarreal with a super cautious manager and we should be at least in the 6th spot with these players this season. Arteta has failed to make it work with what he has and it took until yesterday for me to realize it. To what masta said earlier too, this clubs is lost out in sea, so many things causing the ship to go under, i just pray we'll get lucky with any recruitment we do this summer and fight for top 4.
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My only fear is that the books get tighter due to missed Euro revenue next season. If we can still bring in an actual CAM to play behind Auba and between Gabi and Saka, I'll be interested. But if Hector leaves we'll need to spend all our money on a RB. Maybe even if Hector stays...


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ManCity and Chelsea need to be humbled for the final. One night. on a wednesday. Stoke. Flooding
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1.8? would probably have to be like 5bn
1.8bn is a solid initial offer. I don't see in what world, the club going for more than 3bn, 3.2bn max. But I also don't see Elk offering that much. The bigger concern is will the Kroneke's buckle under the pressure to sell
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every top team should be going for camivaga or gravenberch from ajax this summer. United especially

I’d take either player in a heartbeat but I think gravenberch would fit a need for Barca better.
and he would be cheaper
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I’ve said ban the Spanish twins (RM & Barça) and Juve for 2 years from the CL……..

Just changed my mind…………Ban RM, Barça, and Juve for 5 years instead.

F’in clowns.

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