1984/1985 Nike Air Ship x Air Jordan 1 Pack

Joined Dec 11, 2007
not interested in the ships, but those 1s... 🔥

this pack should be no more than the original pack price of $295. anything more than that and we know JB is scamming (which we already know)...
Joined Feb 8, 2009
I might be in depending on the price.

Painting the Is into Chicagos would easy if necessary :nerd:
Joined Apr 1, 2012
So much potential. Smh. AJ 1's should have had a better color blocking. Just too plain
Joined Sep 22, 2014
I know MJO23DAN MJO23DAN is somewhere shedding some SUPER happy tears, right about now. I know this seems like a personal win, for him. With that said, this pack will probably be INSANELY limited, and hyped to smithereens. Now, if only Nike would give the Kyle Resse/ Terminator Vandals this kind of attention.
These look nothing like the OG Ships that actually released though because the tooling is completely different. These are fusions based on the sample pair MJ wore.

Technically, we aren’t getting an OG 1984 Air Ship retro in this pack.
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