2019 Official MLB Season Thread vol: We Are Back!!!!

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Daughter has no interest in baseball lol. Son is too young to pay attention.

But the funny thing is, my daughter watched football and my son was watching basketball clips on Youtube with me lol.

Cmon kids, please grow some interest in your dad's love of baseball lol
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i feel your pain bro , my son asked me yesterday if he can "paint his room already" because "he doesn't even like baseball" .... :stoneface:

his room is painted like Yankee Stadium , 408ft mark and all . i dam near fainted . still ain't said a word to him ...
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You just gotta ignore him from here on out.
Haha, aside from not being able to attend games there's also been no All Star game, Little League WS or college WS for younger kids to watch and take some interest in.

These games in empty stadiums take so much away, especially for the casuals.
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Nola had a lot of help from the ump. Judge and Gley had two strike 3 calls that were clearly an inch or two off the plate. Both were throwing their bats to go to first. ****ty job.

Think that was Angel Hernandez? I can't remember now.
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