2019 RAIDERS (2-3) thread: Week 7 @ Green Bay Packers

Where do Raiders play in 2019?

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Joined Aug 25, 2012
This is such a frustrating team to watch.

take away the 2nd quarter against the Chiefs and we’re 4-1 :lol:

still think this WR core is straight wack for the most part. Super surprised we managed to get a W with them against a Elite Bears D.

I think Bears arriving Friday did have a nice effect on them, similar to what the Raiders experienced last season.
Joined Oct 29, 2017
Whew!!! Man this team. I was about to implode!!! Hell of a gutsy win! Great job O Line and Josh Jacobs. Besides the two penalties Richie was feasting out there! He’s still got it
Joined Aug 25, 2012
I think we found more of our offensive identity with Jacobs. Once Gabe Jackson comes back, phew....

Derek can manage a game. Jacobs is legit. I hope we trade for AJ Green/Stefon Diggs or something.

Defensively they’re looking better. I think they’re average, but still better from where we were. Our LB core being hurt so much will affect this team as the season progresses though.
Joined Jan 19, 2002
AJ Green is always hurt, no thanks.
If only AB didn’t act like a complete idiot :smh:
WR’s are young, we’re gonna see a lot of mistakes from them. Just look at that fumble at the 1/2 yard line and Jacobs trying to pick up that fumble instead of just falling on it.
That fumble started the implosion of the 2nd half

but having a good Running game definitely opens ul to throw down field. Carr just has to work on making throws over 5 yards
Joined May 17, 2007
Let’s ****ing go :pimp:

Biggest win of the Gruden era Raiders yesterday.
Rest up during the bye and run it all over the packers in 2 weeks :smokin
Joined Dec 7, 2006
I’d love to see a win in Green Bay or Houston. Come back with a 4-3 record would be awesome.
you mean 5-2 my g. the defense really stepped it up on Sunday. Chase made some good *** throws and their receivers are just bigger than our DBs. Kolton didn't allow a single sack and only one hurry against KHALIL MACK. put some respect on that man's name! it was also good game planning by Gruden tbh. had Josh Jacobs actually been hurt when he came out those couple of times, it might have been a different game. dude is a BEAST.


formerly thewindscar31
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Anyone know anything about Zay Jones? This dude going to be able to come in an contribute right away?
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