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Literally been his motto since coming into the league from Wichita State :lol:

Happy he won out, one of the more stand up dudes in the league :pimp:

That money's gonna go a longer way in Toronto being a made man there than a lot of other destinations
His money wont go as far as you are leading people to believe. Canada is gonna tax him to death.
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I hope he loves doing everything in Canada lol.
Think he would've gone elsewhere if he didn't

Would bet that he gets hooked for meals, cuts and other stuff when he's out on the town. Read about some spots doing 'Vanvleet and eat' deals just a few weeks back if he resigned :lol:
Joined Feb 17, 2019
Amazing what it do when you play next to LeBron in the best organization in the league.

Funny how thiis time last year, when LAL signed him, many were saying Avery washed and that his days of being an effective player were done.

Now all of a sudden people saying Avery is a valuable acquisition, good enough to take all the minutes of a solid young guard like Nunn. Lol

News flash: Avery was always solid (remember his Celtic years), as long as you put the right pieces and infrastructure around him. Clippers failed to do do when they had their chance. Lakers signed him cause they knew what he brings on the court.

Lakers so damn deep we won the chip without him. With him, we probably beat the Heat in 5.
Joined Jun 7, 2011
Hayward only played in 1 playoff game as a healthy player with Boston so his loss in a vacuum doesn’t really mean much.

But losing him for nothing in return is the killer. At least they were able to essentially swap Kyrie with Kemba.

Their young guys need more help, they’re not ready for winning time yet so this is a blow.
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