2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Black Sheep out here in Charlotte is having a skate video premiere this weekend, and Nike SB is one of the sponsors. I wonder if they're going to have any surprise releases at it :nerd:
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Stores deciding to only take phone orders only when it’s convenient for them because their locals can’t flip a shoe for profit i.e. ben g’s...

Not sure if anyone else feels the same but this “in store” only gimmick is only making it harder for people who actually want to wear these shoes (Halloween’s and other sought after gr’s) and easier for local resellers
this has two issues at play; if shops sell only in store, you're going to be dealing with local resellers. if they sell online, you're going to be fighting against everyone and their bots.

secondly, shops want to give access to people that support their shop regularly, people that have been supporting them on high profit margin stuff other than dunks, people that have been buying from them since before dunks made a comeback, etc.

at the end of the day, most skate shops are small businesses with just a few people on their staff with limited resources.
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