2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added


Joined May 11, 2019
Safari, Syracuse and Spectrums are all I’m after. Refuse to pay resell for TS cause let’s face it, nobody’s really getting those. None of us at least lol.
Spectrum and Safari for sure. The BTTYS is all depending on where they release. Any one have info on scarcity and places that may carry them?
Joined May 22, 2010
It's so cool to see an OG sk8er Boi able to cop these for retail. Can't wait for him to shred some gnar in these bad boys. Sucks that I'm going to have to pay $1K for these. But, all of the likes I will get will be totally worth it.
So Seth Fowler is/was a skater?
Joined Jul 31, 2012
sad day for us guys who really wanted to cop. Take the TS off these mf’s and 90% wouldn’t want them! Half these skate shops (So called LOCALS) are the main ones on the bull****! On my life & I honestly mean this.. **** all these lame *** skate shops that’s getting these! **** you
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