2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Adidas did this with the Ultraboost - a couple of years ago (around when the UB 4.0 released and before), it was impossible to find them for under retail and most releases would sell out. They started pumping out the colorways and re-releasing previous ones, and eventually they started hitting clearance racks.

Nike has been doing a decent job of dropping super-hyped, super-limited releases of their popular (and sometimes unpopular) silhouettes, which has to give the GRs you can grab at the mall more attention than they would have had otherwise (Travis Scott Air Max 270 is a good upcoming example).

Dunks are in a weird category because you can barely get GRs these days.
No one is going to run and cop the 270 React because of Travis. They didn't buy the AJ 33 either. Some models have better status than others. Air Force, AJ1 and AJ VI will sell with or without a collab.
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Congrats!! My brother just got an email too!

We’re team manual / 1 entry. So while 99.99% of the time we lose, it IS possible to win. So if a raffle is free and you have the time, I encourage y’all to just do it. You never know.
WTF, that wasn't a local raffle?
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