2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added


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Only had SOMPs on my radar the last couple of years. Mission officially terminated due to skyrocket prices
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So what have you guys found yourselves spending your money on since SBs are basically unobtainable at this point?
I bought a couple pairs of GTS returns, Jordan 1 and 11, and a bunch of vans skate shoes at outlet prices. I also bought myself and two kids new full set up skateboards, addtional wheels to ride on bumpy roads since the skatepark was closed for months, and several of different skateshop t-shirts.
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I just copped Plums on eBay and MF Dooms from Grailed. I was gunning after a pair of Unkles but they’re not worth the price they’re going for right now.

To answer the question, i found myself investing more money into my clothing line. Doing this has greatly grown my business which has allowed me to pick up stuff i had to sell years ago (one of them being the Dooms)


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There's a slight dip near the rear of the top right kentucky pair, but looks to be an anomaly. I've seen some discrepancies with ankle collar shapes and cuts among hi top SB dunks as well.
Are those two on the bottom right really dunks? Looks like a different sole all together. Some early hybrid? Not terminators right?
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