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Get lebron Jr ready for the next redeem team. This is by far the worst roster sent to the olympics ever lol. Still expect them to win but that’s not saying much. The US invited their best players…….. and when they said no we sent these guys :rofl:
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You need to put together an actual team. My favorite USA Team was the 2010 World Championship Team. Coach K told Durant to carry them offensively and everyone else played a role. Iggy and Odom were huge for that team.
That was a really awesome team. The run from 2008-2016 (three Olympics, two Worlds) was just insane. And, they still almost lost two gold medal games to Spain. Those were not easy games.
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France should be the favorite. So not surprised USA lost. It’ll be bad if we lose to like Iran or Czech Republic or something.
Bro stop. You doing the same thing you did when the knicks lost :lol:

Why on earth would France be the favs?
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France lost to Japan as well during the lead up to the games. They havent been exactly playing lights out
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:lol: France is nice. Ya’ll sleeping.

If USA doesn’t figure out how to play basketball I got France winning gold.
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This team has 5 guys 31+

2019 - One player 30 or older - Brook Lopez
2016 - One player 30 or older - Kyle Lowry
2014 - No players 30 or older
2012 - One player 30 or older - Kobe Bryant
2010 - Two players over 30 - Chauncey Billups & Lamar Odom
2008 - One player 30 or older - Jason Kidd

Not that it matters because other countries play old guys :lol:, but just a random fact
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Roster is duplicative, light on playmakers and a tad small. They have the talent to win, but the margin for error is thinner than ever.
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Age doesn’t matter. The type of basketball that we are accustomed to doesn’t win you basketball games internationally.

You guys have been watching, look how different the games are. Less flopping, players don’t seek calls, less isos, more off ball movement, less chucking from 30 feet away. It’s fun and refreshing to watch.

They literally assembled 90% iso players and no legit bIg men. This positionless basketball switch on everything is lazy and won’t work. When the best players in the world cant play regular basketball like this theres a huge problem with the actual NBA product.

When teams in the NBA play like this we’re all wowed. Like no this how you’re supposed to play. Those Spurs teams, GS teams, etc.
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Roster is duplicative, light on playmakers and a tad small. They have the talent to win, but the margin for error is thinner than ever.
How small the USA looked at times is what stuck out to me in that game. France got back in it playing two legit 7 footers in that 3rd quarter. Thinking about what options USA has to match that and it’s not really any others they could’ve called up to match that with AD out really just Bam. There’s other good American big men in the league outside of Bam and AD but if we were to list out the top 10 big men in the league rn 2 maybe 3 represent the USA.
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To be fair, they rolled into the 2008 Olympics with Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard as their only bigs, and they got clowned by the Gasol bros. They were nearly unplayable in the gold medal game because they got worked so hard.
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