2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Yeah the box theyre shipping in now can be easily opened from the bottom as its just folded into place rather than taped. My package was opened but thank god they didnt steal the sneakers
This right here.

My box was mangled and the bottom was ripped open. I picked it up and basically one hard shake and the shoe box could break through the box where they ripped it
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Are we thinking manual users will have a chance? their insta story said "to avoid bot purchases, no returns, suspicious orders will be cancelled"
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they stole my first GR dunk hit.

after all that delay they arrive.
go out for shipment then marked undeliverable. :lol: :ohwell:

both companies are horrible.
Sorry man, hopefully they figure out what happened on the back end and they'll show up randomly. Fedex lost the ceramics I bought via stockx and told me they were undeliverable after saying it was dropped on my porch but they showed up randomly a week later. I hope you at least get some coupons and your money back 😢


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nickname.esco nickname.esco sorry that happened bro. You deserved better than that, especially on your first win. I won the OG Vapormax on SNKRS and had the Got Em screen shot and they straight up told me it was a glitch and never sent me jack. Just offered 20% of NDC.

These dudes are trash and then they always claim they cant find a pair... bet they can find one to give to some influencer though.
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Was your order from the jordan reserve drop? Asking cuz mine is stuck at processing.
Word. Mine been there since the 18th and no update. Hoping it updates soon if yours got out and delivered. Did your tracking ever update or it just showed up? I know tracking has been delayed also
no mine was from the EA for the dunks, but I do have a pair of silver toes coming on 3/3. My guess is they should show up for you b/c they just randomly updated via FedEx on Friday
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