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I've been on the search for a DS pair for a very long time and finally got one. They are in such great shape for an 18 year old shoe. No separation or anything. And that suede is ridiculous.
I got a pretty worn pair in from gusto last year, had to settle due to my size 11.5 being rare in them. Suede was still buttery just faded in color. Quickly turned them into some beaters, love them.


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UPS lost two pairs of supreme lows that were being mailed to me in 2018. Yes, that is correct, one pair of 2002 black supreme lows, one pair of 2002 white supreme lows in one package. Lost by UPS.
Might be the worst one I've heard. Ever.

No chance this was accidental.
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So I picked up both of these and I’m a little conflicted. I like highs and I think the gum sole looks dope on a Mars Yard custom yet the dunk disrupt shares way more in common and has that oversized pull tab. Which would make a better base for a Mars Yard custom?

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Theme and execution are great. OL puts them over the top because it guarantees a minimum level in quality of materials. Agreed gonna be a banger
I know!!! Everything about these is dope IMO. Dope colorway and blocking, dope execution, and dope theme. And like you stated, being OLs means they're gonna be of good quality. Fingers crossed that resell, the only way us in the States are gonna get them, goes down some eventually. For what they're going for currently, I'd much rather buy an older classic, though I ultimately need them. Why do pairs like this have to be limited as sht?!? Especially considering the theme is so tied/connected to SB and skateboard history/culture, this should be a pair that's much more widely available.
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