2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Def think dunks are gonna be easier to get for y’all.

That’s too many releases for everyone to keep striking out.

Resale gonna take a dive. Kinda already started.
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Which one has better quality
honestly I wasn’t all that happy with the dunks quality, was nothing to comment on

I wish I knew what last year’s dunks were like to have a comparison but they didn’t feel as nice as the Kostons & I wasn’t overly impressed with my Kostons if that tells you anything.

the dunks match my UNC & Titans gear better though at least lol


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Just watched the “behind the design” about carpet on SNKRS. Never knew about them
Shoutout from 🇮🇷

that navy blue and grey pair isn’t releasing on SNKRS? That’s pretty much all I try for now a days even tho I’m yet to hit once
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So the Carpet Company SB Dunk Highs are a draw. Draws are the worst. Never hit on one. Instant L. At least I feel like I have a chance with a LEO drop. I don't understand Nike's rationale with doing a draw instead of a LEO drop. March 12th is a Friday. As far as I know, nothing else good is releasing that day. Really want these.
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Anyone that was able to score a pair of dunks on SNKRS receive any shipping updates yet? My UNLV is still preparing shipment -_-
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Just watched the behind the design on the carpets. Being a screen printer, it made me really appreciate these even more. Such a cool design touch. Hopefully Lady Luck will be on my side.


formerly j o 19
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These came in and I forgot to post a pic after work. BIG s/o to metroidprototype metroidprototype for the assist on these. The only way to win a Dunk from Nike is through our own back door .. the NT Oop door :nthat:

I sincerely appreciate your help and you already know, if there’s ever a pair I’m not chasing just let me know even though I have better odds getting hit by lightning while working in a mine on the moon.

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