2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Unless you are giving FSR to a reseller there is nothing wrong with hooking up F&F. People act like Nike owns these skate shops sometimes.
Fax. I worked at finishline during 2016 black/red jordan release. Each employee was allowed one pair (depending on size/availabilty, people got priority on sizes based on seniority. I can't say that's how every FNL store did it but that's how we did). I was only gonna flip em for the $300 they were going for but instead I hooked my friend up for his size (no discount just retail) which he still rocks and beats to this day. Rather hook up the homie than deal with some bumass Staten Island mall customer, not like I got commission either way :lol:

To your point, dudes don't even know what backdoor means. It's just something that ignorant folks who are salty they can't cop some shoes they don't even want. All I see on IG/twitter is post-2019 sneakerheads saying "Backdoooor!" these clowns sound like they tryna get off the bus
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I thought they brought the straps back on SB mids...
I was thinking the same thing. I don’t know ANYTHING about regular/non-SB Dunk Mids. Maybe they’ve always (if they’ve been a thing) been strapless?
In 2004 we saw some very awkward looking non-SB dunk mids. Someone in this thread has posted an on-foot as well



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Yeah Ima just go pay resale while the prices
Are still kinda low

Exact snkrs stock

I went for it yesterday on my size 12 for $401 as I assumed today with SNKRS being my last chance and not winning there for a couple years at least I knew that was my my option. Hurt but I really wanted these.
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After having my order cancelled by them initially I caught a restock on Undftd last week.
With the plethora of Dunks released this year I feel this is one of the better ones when looking at the package as a whole.
when the blue ones drop? last date i saw was tomorrow.
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Those stock numbers are a joke. I mean I get that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, but the probability of hitting on that is so damn low. Congrats to those who scored. Y’all should buy lottery tickets.
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