2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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That's hard to forsee just like the current housing market.

Those low croc supremes dropping next year aren't going to help answer your question at all either..
ok yeah true lol. i noticed that a lot of (recent) releases have dipped in price though and nike is pretty much flooding the market with release after release so i thought maybe it could happen sooner than expected
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damn got an email from copdate thought i won something.

just an opportunity to throw away another $15 at a copboost.
This **** seems illegal. Didnt think you could charge for raffle access unless the proceeds are for charity. Probably some loophole oh well im out.
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Recently got one of my grails back. I sold these years ago and have regretted it since. Going to get the paint touched up on em soon too

this was one of the only ones I regret selling also. Sold about 50 pairs of Sbs over the years. Skunks, dooms, heinekens, etc...
Only regrets I can think of are these and the parra cherry AM1. Should have kept those pattas. damn.

j mobile

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Finally got a chance to really look at these this weekend, im very impressed with the packaging(still not sure if it was worth the extra 100) compared them to my green lobsters and this special box wins by a landslide.


I feel like concepts always goes in on these boxes, they've yet to disappoint me.
I really do love the pack, the shoes are SUPER DOPE, and I’m glad I was able to get, but the extra $130 (shoe is $120 standard) is a bop IMO. An additional $120 for some socks, a nerf football packaged like a microwave dinner, some extra cranberry laces, a piece of tissue paper with a turkey on it, and a cool box, is ridiculous when you think about it. Again, the pack is dope thematically, and looks cool, but the up charge is crazy. I also think the whole turducken execution is sort of lazy, in particular with the fact that the turkey part is signified with just a simple piece of tissue paper. The shoes are the Mallard (duck), socks are the chicken, IMO they should’ve given us a turkey dubrae or wristband like the lobsters.
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