2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

Joined Jun 13, 2020
^ Isn’t that what’s those Blazer Edge’s tongue supposed to be? Anyway, I like this one and thus, am hoping that they’ll sit just like the previous colorways.
Just looked at the previous drops. I stand corrected.
not thing to see move along lol
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anyone seen/had those dunk disrupt in hand? Are they bad bad? I like the colorway coming up “platinum violet” for the lady but if they’re that noticeably bad on foot and build wise I’ll pass.
yeah watched a video, materials looks bad too.
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I dunno... I think most dunks they make nowadays are hideous, those included.
I'm curious to the specifics that you dislike.

I've had a ton of dunks in my lifetime. My favorite non-SB dunks are the Footaction exclusives White/Red(patent leather). The gripe I have with the current non-SB dunks are the cut and shape of the material. But the material itself has been holding up in a good way. The suede on the plums are A1 in IMO...
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Plums are cool... I just don't care for crazy random colorways and materials, which seem to be the norm on all the limited shoes that people want, which why I guess I don't feel like I'm missing out.

Only pair of recent Dunks I own are the Gino's Highs... I ****ed with Dunks mainly back in the day but I'm more in Js now since I can afford em.
Joined Jan 29, 2020
Finally able to lock down a pair of these from a trade.
Man I just moved on from mine. Definitely a top dunk of the year, but I’ve been sitting on them and realized my personal style won’t let me pull them off lol. But I at least turned them into 3x pairs Blazers
Joined May 11, 2011
My ceramics went straight to feet, sadly the tongue is the thin version, I actually prefer my Safari and Elephant Dunk thicker one. The quality on these ceramics is not that good though, I have over 8 matt light black spots, especially above the toe and side panel, I will search for a brush that freshens them up a bit
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