2021 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

Joined Aug 15, 2009
I couldn’t even submit the payment on desktop or on phone, that’s the first time that’s ever happened

oh well, glad i pulled the trigger already earlier in the week on street hawkers. They should arrive tomorrow
Joined Apr 1, 2003
Does snkrs desktop work for you guys
Once. It worked one time for a win. It usually gives me an error when I do not get the shoes which is every time. The error message is during the pending after I go through checkout. I am using a windows workstation with the latest version of google chrome.
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Whats preventing Copdate from just picking their friends and family (or the skateshops f&f) as the winners for each raffle?

How are people sending them $$$ for boosts when they have zero idea how their raffle process works or proof that its actually a legit raffle. They literally have to provide ZERO evidence to the consumer that theyre picking the winners at random, instead of going down the list & picking whomever they want.

If you operated a Raffle Business with zero accountability and oversight, would YOU hand out the majority of wins to strangers?
the first Copdate raffle I entered Iwon having.Never spent money at the shop before fwiw.
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Ipad got in first but submit button was grayed out for about 20 seconds, end result an L, quick sell out. Android phone entered 3-4 minutes late and it’s still pending :smh:


formerly hhaze
Joined Feb 19, 2016
Picked my sz right on time. Couldnt submit because it was gray. Minute 2 error when submitted. Tried again and finally got to pending on min 3. L.Not surprised
Joined Feb 17, 2019
What's sad is GOAT and StockX continue to take all the inventory because i bet the 2 companies have unlimited resources of high tech Bots that prevent manual folks from copping.

Wanna know the obvious sign? As soon as the shoe drops on release day at 7 am, I get a mfk'n EMAIL from StockX and GOAT saying that the shoes are now available on their site as if they released em at 7am just like SNKRS, FTL, DTLR, SNIPES, etc

Blame them for monopolizing the secondary market. Blame Nike and Jordan for not giving a flying fk even though they know exactly wtf is going on
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