2022 NBA Offseason Thread: Preseason kicks off; Things are fine in Los Angeles, Draymond beats the charges

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Mar 14, 2010
I say SoFlo too because while I was living there I didn’t want people to think “Florida”. Wanted to make sure it was clear. :lol:

Maybe that’s a transplant thing. Idk. :lol:

Tri county is just as racist as central Florida and the panhandle. It’s
No different. I don’t know why people be acting shamed. Florida is still the south :lol: :lol: :lol:

From where I’m from, we say “Florida Boy” I even have friends who have it tattooed
Mar 14, 2010
It’s a legit thing. No one from the area just refers to it as “Florida”

That’s what YOU people may say. I can’t speak for Dade county. In Broward, we say Florida, Broward, Lauderdale, the Dale, etc.

SoFlo is some new s*** over the past 4 or 5 years. That’s that Channel 7, Deco Drive, Wynwood BS.

I’m from the hood. We don’t say no damn SoFlo. That mess doesn’t even sound right being uttered.

No one from my hood or family has EVER said SoFlo. Not to be demeaning but that’s what them “other” people say to differentiate themselves. Black people down here do not say SoFlo.

That mess was adopted from California (NorCal/SoCal). That word was not used in the 90s or 2000s, that term is new, and has been for only 4 years maybe
Aug 20, 2001
What is this????

The man is willing to put up his sister’s IG to see how many of us would smash for clout but he can not put up the $100 “plus interest” he owes to clear his name.
Jan 2, 2012
Really? In my experience is that Black women with white mothers are … different :lol:. This is completely unshocking to me
Yea. As soon as I found out she was mixed it wasn’t surprising. Anecdotally but it seems like biracial women go for white guys way more than black


Jan 20, 2006
Definitely nowhere near projecting bro.

If you know McMenamin personally then it makes sense. But chances are you ain't college buddies with Dave therefore....how would one know whether or not Dave is not "remarkable" enough for Malika?

Going off what you know or think of Dave on camera and projecting that McMenamin wouldn't be remarkable enough for Malika based off what we see from Dave and Malika on screen? Why would that even matter?

If Dave's got a bland personality and Malika's is super colorful, it don't mean they wouldn't be a good match. Opposites attract all the time.
Fam, you got it. I truly don’t care this much :lol:
Jan 20, 2002
Baseball season is a tough time for some sports fans

these are the tought times for shows as well, since they don't discuss baseball or have takes.
they debating summer league and recycling some brady and bron sprinkled in
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