ADIDAS BBall Boost Thread - BYW, Crazy Explosive & Crazy Light & OTHER BBALL BOOST ADJACENT SNEAKERS

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It anyone wants a pair of the BYW Xs, there’s a 10.5 at the Great Mall Finishline in the Bay Area that I returned (they were too tight for my liking), pretty good price tbh
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You think these are hoop ready or straight style?
adidas Senior Designer Pradeepan Indrakumar: “We wanted to make a shoe which balances finely between the world of style and function, whilst appealing to the consumer who plays outside and to the consumer who has little or no interest in the game, but appreciates the attitude of this sneaker. Sport and culture influencing each other to become one identity.”
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I can tell you traction on my hardwood floors feels fantastic. Lightstrike is a little stiffer than the NXT LVL but still ok. Just have to pull those laces really tight - the leather is super soft.
soft leather is all i wanted!!!
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No one ever knows... most confusing hoops line the past 3-4 years. So disorganized.
I just feel like adidas has been reusing the same **** the past few years, and when they dont reuse same designs, their **** gets even uglier.
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