Air Jordan 1 HI OG “ROYAL TOE” - Spring 2020

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My SNKRS order is saying May 28th. That can’t be right. No tracking number or anything.
Who’s gonna tell him?

It’s right. SNKRS has been a shipping fiasco for weeks. Check Fire Red Jordan V thread. Folks are still waiting for tracking from 4/19 shock drop
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Facts! Me and wife was talking about Zoom stocks just yesterday!
wish i’d gotten into stocks sooner.. im still very green to to the world of stocks. coronavirus boredom has me suddenly interested. trynna hit it big so i can buya bigboy car like S Sim23

ive been happy with my ct200h but this man posting his royal toes with halle blueberry got me feeling all sorts of green with envy:emoji_heart_eyes:
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She's my baby, Halle BlueBerry! Been around 5 years now. I have no issues/complaints and enjoy the coupe :smile: You'd feel right at home coming from the IS, but with that extra power/torque with the V8 :smile:
Had the RC F-Sport ever since it first came out in Nov 2014. Absolutely love the car. Wish I waited a little to get a better deal, but I needed to be one of the firsts to have it ever since the pics first got leaked. Nice exhaust upgrade, what brand is it? I doubt my wife would let me get back into modifying cars again haha
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Both FTL orders shipped. Man, I guess I should've kept at it for more instead of walking the dog haha. Hoping to get some movement on YCMC and Snipes soon.
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How'd you even get through on Snipes or YCMC lol

Got shipping on FTL and FTA. Just waiting on 2 DTLR orders now. Got pump fake emails on both of them, but said the order is secure.
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FL said in the email that they’re out of stock but I should expect the item to ship within 2 weeks of the backorder date, but they could still cancel so I’ll just wait and see. But at least I have a pair headed my way.
I got this too. I hope to God they don’t cancel.
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I need to figure what's going on with my snkrs account
I struckout on these,the dmp 6's and the fire red 5's on snkrs
I hit on the court purple 2.0 on snkrs and thought i was getting back on track
Now i feel like i'm never gonna hit ever again
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How'd you even get through on Snipes or YCMC lol

Got shipping on FTL and FTA. Just waiting on 2 DTLR orders now. Got pump fake emails on both of them, but said the order is secure.
I have no idea honestly. My guy was hustling like never before haha. I woke up about an hour before drop and just made sure it refreshed to give me that queue id. From there I guess I just got lucky with getting in. I actually gave up shortly after snkrs since I figured I missed out but saw some checkouts on snkr twtr so decided to go back and it said my turn is up and let me in. Quickest checkout ever and barely had any issues with payment unlike ftl.
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I got lucky and caught someone selling theirs who had early access on Nike. Bought off him for $220 and he paid $28.65 to priority ship em to me from Texas so he kind of took a bath on this sale and didn’t make much. Then a few days ago they’re reselling for almost $300. I also hit on Footaction for retail this past Saturday and received shipping confirmation today. Here’s the 1 st pair. Quality is comparable to the gym red 1’s. I actually like the colorway so much that I don’t mind the lack in quality of the uppers.

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Ugh. Footlocker hasn’t sent me anything since I got my confirmation email Saturday night. When I look up my order it still says “waiting for order approval”. It’s like they completely forgot about the order. I’ve tried calling them but i can’t get through
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I was on the fence about these from sample pics, but the on feet shots I've seen make them look much better.
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