Air Jordan 1 High OG “FEARLESS” NOVEMBER 2nd 2019

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Comes with 4 laces total. Black (on the shoe), White, Carolina Blue & Red.

If you think you are missing any, check the inside of the shoe.
Thats where the Blue/Red was on one of my friends pairs.

papichino papichino phamo phamo

If y'all still don't have it, y'all got jacked. :lol:

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minimal energy exerted...but why you sweat it, b?

you didn't basically do the same thing?

Yeah. because I monitor what Qais post, and go run and post it here, while saying how much I hate his post.

Your parents should have sent you to a better school system.
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po2345 po2345

I got jacked or another Jordan Brand's mistake?
I think you got jacked.
All the laces come attached, so even if they aren't attached they would be in the shoe still.

Anytime I see people say they are missing one, but a majority of people all got their laces, that just tells me a store employee took them.

Just my opinion though, anything is possible.

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Idk if im an employee i wouldnt risk being fired for jacking extra lace plus the red and blue were still attached but smh of all the 4 laces to be missing i had to lose the best one.
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I went with the white laces in mine anyone else rocking the white laces thought black just did not make the shoe look any thing special. Thanks ?
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anyone checked out through paypal on finishline? if so, did yall get an confirmation from finishline? i only got paypal confirmation.
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Had to pay resell for these since I took nothing but Ls. Like them a lot. Kind of happy that resell market kind of dying out on 1s.
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I personally feel the black laces look way better on these. unless it has chi colorblocking, the laces should match the tongue for the best look imo. white laces over the black tongue just doesn't look right to me.
Normally, I agree with that....
But white does look good on these, which i why I wanted a white tongue on these like I did on the Game Royals. Thanks for the picture CVO_RN95 CVO_RN95

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