Air Jordan 1 High OG “Tie-Dye” $170

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Yeah I definitely agree but I understand why they cancelled phone orders.. Apparently, resellers would get word on social media and ask Nike outlet staff to pack and ship bulk orders of the respective items, which created staffing issues in some places (given that many of these items would sell in the store anyways). I’m sure this would be even more prevalent now because of how easy it is to resell via GOAT/StockX. Also, I think Nike wanted to incentivize people to actually come into the stores, which makes sense.
I get that, and pre-2018 was a very different time. Phone orders might not be feasible anymore because I know damn well that Solelinks and his ilk would post stuff about Nike store deals and the phone lines would be flooded. Sneaker culture today is absolutely obnoxious. But right now, people can’t go to their local Nike stores, or don’t want to because of the risks involved. They could prohibit bulk orders.
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How long is's delay currently?
I got shipping on 7/2, but UPS still hasn't picked up the package as the tracking hasn't updated. Anyone else in the same boat?

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I must say that looking at all of these pictures are kinda making me glad that I got the L. on them. It looks like a lot of the aurora green are in them, but in the promo pictures it looked to have more of a balanced blend of the blue and the green. I am assuming this shoe is one of those "no 2 pairs are alike" kind of thing, which personally irks me because I do not know how the colorway will turn out on my pair. :emoji_angry:

I would not like them with that much of the green in them and if I was to have received a pair with mostly that color, (and I could not buy multiple pairs to choose the best one color-wise), I would be that "loser" to return them and get my money back. Everybody at the Nike store would be looking at me crazy asking am I sure that I want to return them and I would straight up be like I SURE DO! :emoji_laughing:
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did these come with any extra laces?? my order came in and there's no additional laces?? can someone confirm?
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How long is's delay currently?
I got shipping on 7/2, but UPS still hasn't picked up the package as the tracking hasn't updated. Anyone else in the same boat?

did you eventually get your pair? Having similar issues with a different show.
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You don’t mean that. :lol:

This shoe is 🔥 either way. I like them so much I’m thinking of trying to squeeze into a women’s 12.
LMAO I do mean it though. I am not a big fan of green as it is, so if there were more blotches of the blue and a little less of the green I would have really liked them. Looking at the "real" pictures of them with no filters just made me look at them like MEH due to all the green that is actually in the shoe. I know the colorway has Aurora Green in the description, but it is just so much of it (from the pairs that I have seen). It is a dope idea though and maybe JB will decide to do another colorway with the same concept (with no green LOL).

Good luck on squeezing your feet into the size 12. I hope that works out for you! (salutes)
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I can tell you. I wear a 10.5 and I copped a 11.5 in women’s so that would be a 10 in men’s and these fit my fine and I used sneaker shields also. I will say these have the worst padding when I walk there is like zero Cushing.
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Ordered a pair of 11.5 and an 11. One is made in china and the other in Vietnam and have minor differences. Is one fake? Thanks in advance
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Snipes app is trash. Can't even make a selection for the raffle.
Was able to put in almost 10 raffle tickets all at different stores.
Every time I made a submission it would lock me out of the raffle so I would just reset my phone and it allowed me to enter again and again at different locations. Did the same for the Satins as well.
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