Air Jordan 1 OG High -" Dark Mocha" October 31st 2020


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Eh feel like some shoes are on the fine line of exceptions. Hype, a good colorway, and this having Travis 1 vibes have it on that line.
I def agree.. I also know that sometimes we create this for ourselves and its in our NT heads. :lol: I don't see these driving up THAT much right after the release in MY size though. Where they actually end up.. god knows. This whole year is spooky.
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Well considering literally every size is already under that $450 tag on SX two weeks before release...yah. They're gonna go lower

You appear to be trying to talk yourself into justifying buying it now. If you want to, just do it. Most people on the board wouldn't....but you don't have to listen to us

That is true, though im still a firm believer they wont go thaaaat much lower. I dont think theyll get as low as $300. I dont think theyll go under $350 and even then, its only $100 over extra. 🤧
Joined May 6, 2018
NO WAY $450.
i don't think they're gonna go for that much that soon either, but at some point you know these are definitely gonna inflate to $450 whether it takes days, weeks, months, or years after release. so my point is nobody has to pay the Sneaker-Man that much right now. you've got some time
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